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 XP3 Preamplifier Pure Class A 

An exciting and unique sound ...


The Extraudio XP3 line preamplifier is the culmination of more than a decade of R&D and innovation of audio products, our engineers and technicians have developed applying the most modern technologies and incorporating the best audio components on the market to achieve the distinctive sound of the XP3.

90% of the sound of an audio system is created in the preamp. Preamps are the foundation of the audio system, which is why they are the most difficult audio products to create. These devices handle very weak electrical signals and are exposed to interference and other disturbances; hence the importance of the preamplifier in the audio system.


Unlike other manufacturers, in Extraudio we firmly believe that the audio signal must be pre-amplified before reaching the volume control so that it is more protected. In the Extraudio XP3 we use a very low tolerance, watertight, dual channel potentiometer for a great sense of stereo and spatiality.

The Extraudio XP3 preamplifier has been created with pure class A BJT transistor stages and minimizing the pass-through of the audio signal to have a flat response, with a totally forceful sound in the low frequencies and also very analog, but very fast and expressiveness.

The XP3 is characterized by its organic and real sound, with the perfect tone of musical instruments, and capable of transmitting all the emotion of music like no other preamplifier.
The path of the audio tracks is vital. That is why we take exquisite care with the crosstalk of the audio tracks, in addition to bathing all our printed circuits in electrolytic gold to improve conductivity. All this gives us an extra silence, and a spectacular separation of the three frequency bands -low, medium and high-, ensuring that the instruments are defined, separated and with their exact tonality, without mixing or blurring each other. In short, an electronic device that transmits real music.


In the Extraudio XP3 we have incorporated compatibility with home theater systems, with specific RCA and XLR inputs, turning the preamplifier into a bypass for your home theater.
This functionality will allow an AV processor to be connected to the power units through the XP3. In this way, when we want to watch a movie using an AV home theater system, by connecting the XP3 bypass we can continue to enjoy the sound quality of a magnificent stereo power amplifier, such as the Extraudio XP-A800, connected to turn to the front speakers without having to change or disconnect speaker cables, or spend more money on a second audio system.
The Extraudio XP3 has three RCA line inputs and one balanced XLR input, in addition to those already mentioned for home theater bypass.
Finally, at Extraudio we don't forget about vinyl fans. With them in mind, we have integrated an RCA turntable input and its ground connection into the XP3.
The Extraudio XP3 features two outputs, one RCA and one XLR. One of them can be used to feed a stereo power amp and the second, for example, to connect one or two subwoofers, these outputs are independent.
The kit also incorporates two trigger outputs to power other products directly from the preamplifier.
And finally we have an optional internal turntable preamplifier installation module for MM / MC cartridge, phono preamp Extraudio PH2.

Regarding the design and aesthetics of the exterior of the XP3 preamp, we maintain the Extraudio style: minimalist, timeless and neutral. Extraudio products integrate perfectly into any home, whether it is modern or classic.
In the chassis we have applied our constructive experience, based on the use of solid panels of aeronautical aluminum 6000, of the highest hardness and quality. This construction provides solidity and durability to the product and minimizing vibrations.
The front aesthetics of the XP3 preamp have been designed in a simple way. On the front panel, in addition to the power button, we find two knobs: one for the volume control and another for the selection of inputs. Linked to the latter appear, in the central part, six LEDs with their respective legends, which when illuminated show us the corresponding active input. At Extraudio we think that everything else has to be inside the product, controlled by our software and not fill the outside with banal things.


The XP3 preamplifier includes the exclusive Extraudio remote control, conceived from a different approach, seeking user comfort.
Extraudio sought to offer a device in which battery life and operating distance were its main characteristics. Both objectives have been widely achieved.
The remote control does not have removable batteries, but instead integrates an internal battery that only needs to be recharged with a standard USB charger.
The transmission range is 20 to 80 meters, depending on the country in which it is used and the electromagnetic or RF interference present.
The design preserves the minimalist line, hallmark of Extraudio's productions, based on Mies Van Der Rohe's philosophy of "less is more".
There are only four buttons: on / off, volume up and down, and mute. The concept behind this remote control is unusual, pursuing a more efficient and ergonomic creation. We defend functionality and form in design and not banality.

The Extraudio XP3 preamplifier represents a milestone in technology serving the high-end audio user, reaching up to Megahertz in the upper part of the frequency spectrum. This wide frequency response is totally unusual and is really a superlative added value, as it allows us to perceive the true intention of the music producer or artist when he recorded his music. It takes us to an overflowing world of auditory reality, with unparalleled energy and dynamics, recreating an unprecedented 3D holographic soundstage, but all without causing listening fatigue.
You will not stop wanting to turn up and turn up the volume! And you will understand why audiophiles from various countries, after listening to the Extraudio XP3 preamplifier, have defined it as “a real box for making music”.

Extraudio XP3 Preamplifier Pure Class A

  • Specifications: 2-Channels Dual Mono Solid State Preamplifier

    Frequency Response:
    5Hz to >250Khz +0dB
    5Hz +0db to 1Mhz -1dB

    Maximun Volts Input:
    (Balanced - Unbalanced) 20V rms / 10V rms

    Maximun Volts Out:
    (Balanced - Unbalanced) 12V rms / 6V rms

    Total Harmonic Distortion:  0.0007%

    Signal To Noise Ratio: > -105dB

    Dynamic range:  > -105dB

    (Balanced – Unbalanced)  12db / 6db

    Input Impedance:
    (Balanced / Unbalanced) 120K / 60K Ohms


    Controls: 63 Volume steps.
    (ALPS BLUE BEAUTY Motorized, controlled by microcontroller)
    Select Input, optical rotary encoder (ALPS 18 steps)

    Power requirements:
    115V or 230VAC 50/60Hz, 20W – 0.5W standby

    Eco design (ErP) & Energy Star compliant standby consumption of < 0.5W

    Safety approved and verified for EMC compliance

    44 x 12 x 40 cm (Product W x H x D)
    66 x 66 x 37 cm (Shipping W x H x D)

    (16 kg) / (20 kg) Shipping.



    Analog inputs:
    4 pair unbalanced RCA +0db
    1 Pair Balanced XLR -6db
    1 Processor AV +0db
    (RCA and XLR connectors)

    2 Outputs:
    1 Pair Unbalanced RCA
    1 Pair Balanced XLR

    Power Control connectors:
    2 Trigger IN/OUT

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