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 FiiO R7 all-in-one Hi-Res Transmitter/Decoder/Headphone Amp 



FiiO R7

Desktop High-Resolution Transmitter, Decoder, and Headphone Amplifier All-in-one Unit



> Full range of inputs and outputs

> Four output modes

> Eight operating modes including Roon ReadyDC/AC dual power supply design

> ES9068AS+THX AAA 788+*2 design

> Five gain levels 3W output power

> Portrait media streaming design

> Snapdragon 660+Android 10

> Customizable RGB lightsEthernet port

> Personalized screensaver

> Exclusive DP mode

> Dual USB ports


Connectivity far beyond the norm

Full range of inputs and outputs


Meeting your demanding listening needs

Eight operating modes including Roon Ready


Pure, stable, robust power supply

DC/AC dual power supply design


Truly reproducing details and dynamics

ES9068AS with THX AAA 788+ amplifier design


The ability to drive both high-sensitivity IEMs, and low-sensitivity headphones

Five gain levels (3W enhanced over-ear headphones mode)


Easily connect to other devices

Wide variety of analog/digital outputs


Pristine experience with major streaming apps

Portrait media streaming and transmitter all-in-one unit


Smooth, silky control

Snapdragon 660+Android 10


Personalize your desktop setup

Customizable RGB lights


Faster and more stable

100-megabit ethernet network port


Connect to an external display, for a truly immersive experience

Exclusive DP mode




Key to a brand new world of HiFi desktop experience

The R7 combines transmitter/decoder/amp/preamp/media playback functions into one unit.


Full range of inputs and outputs

Desktop HiFi center


6.35mm headphone output

4.4mm balanced headphone output

Four-pin XLR balanced headphone output


RCA line out*2

Three-pin XLR balanced line out

Coaxial output

Coaxial input

Optical output

Optical input

Ethernet: for wired connection to a network

USB HOST interface: supports external USB devices such as external decoders/hard disks/keyboards/expansion hubs

Type-C port (USB 3.0): supports data transfer, DP output mode, USB DAC, and USB HOST related functions

Micro-SD card slots: Stored in a micro-SD card holder, supporting up to 2TB micro-SD cards

AC/DC power switch

DC power input: external DC power supply, 12V-3A

AC power output: AC power used by default, compatible with 100~240V

AC power on/off switch

WiFi/Bluetooth antenna



Multiple modes for more exceptional experiences

Android mode: Enjoy third-party apps, such as major streaming services;

Pure music mode: Exclusive FiiO pure music mode, for even more immersive music;

USB DAC mode: Greatly improve the sound of any computer/phone by connecting to them as a decoder;

Bluetooth receiver mode: Supports LDAC/SBC/AAC, making it easy to listen to excellent sound;

AirPlay receiver mode: Wirelessly connect iPhone/iPad and other iOS devices, giving them a huge boost in sound quality;

Roon Ready mode: Roon Ready certified, giving you an ergonomic player in seconds;

Coaxial/optical decoding mode: By being able to receive optical/coaxial signals, the R7 turns into a high-performance decoder


R7+active speakers

Connect the R7 to the SP3 or other speakers via the XLR, RCA single-ended, USB, coaxial or optical ports


R7+Speakers+Headphones+Hub+Portable drive+KB1 keypad+NAS+PL50 linear power supply

Time to be your own DJ! The R7 can act as your control hub for accessing your music, when connected to a NAS and playing music through DLNA.  

FiiO R7 all-in-one Hi-Res Transmitter/Decoder/Headphone Amp

  • Basic Specifications


    Color: Black/white (white version expected to launch around March 2023)


    SoC: Snapdragon 660


    DAC: ES9068AS


    Amplifier: THX AAA 788+ *2


    Supported audio formats: 384kHz-32bit PCM, DSD256


    USB connectors: Type-C USB3.0, USB-A


    Display: 5.0-inch minimal bezel FHD+ high-definition display


    Output power 1: 3000mW (32Ω/balanced/enhanced over-ear headphone mode)  


    Output power 2: 630mW (300Ω/balanced/enhanced over-ear headphone mode)


    Frequency response: 20Hz~90kHz (-3dB)


    SNR: ≥122dB (A-weighted)


    Noise floor: LO≤1.5μV (A-weighted); PO≤4μV (A-weighted); BAL LO≤2.4μV (A-weighted): BAL≤5.5μV (A-weighted)


    Output impedance: 1Ω (32Ω load)


    THD+N: ≤0.0004% (1kHz/32kΩ)


    Dimensions: 110*160*134mm


    Weight: 1.3kg

    Abundant accessories:


    R7*1, 6.35mm adapter*1, Power cord*1, USB data cable*1, Micro-SD card holder*1 (inside the unit), Base*2, Double-sided tape for base*4, fuse*, Quick start guide*1, Warranty card*1


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