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 FiiO R9 all-in-one Digital Media Streamer 


Flagship all-in-one digital media streamer
> High-end 8-channel ES9038PRO*2 + 8-channel THX AAA 788+  
> 7300mW power output 
> Fully-connected HiFi audio architecture  
> DC/AC dual power supply design
> Separated analog and digital power supplies
> Finely-divided analog portion
> 6-inch FHD portrait display
> Various inputs and outputs
> Supports HDMI ARC/Roon Ready mode
Flagship all-in-one digital media streamer R9
Integrates flagship-level transmission/decoding/headphone amp/jukebox/preamp functionality into one device
Equipped with an unimaginable level of inputs and outputs + ten operating modes
Featuring Android open OS + 6-inch FHD + Portrait screen
Using a classic metal bicolor design as in luxury cars
Thoroughly upgraded inside and out, to take your desktop HiFi
experience to the next level
ES9038PRO DAC*2 
With the ES9038PRO having been featured in the M17, Q7, K9 Pro SS and M15S, we now have much experience with the chip to enable it to push audio quality to new heights.  The R9 employs two ES9038PRO DACs, one each for the left and right channels. Each DAC chip contains 8 independent D/A converters, and these 8 channels are connected in parallel for a fully differential output. The result is precise, clear yet full sound.
Next-gen THX AAA 788+ headphone amplifier
Inside the R9 is an 8-channel THX AAA 788+ headphone amplifier design. These headphone amps, fed by a high-voltage power supply, are connected in parallel via 2×2 groups for a four-way fully balanced design, greatly enhancing transient performance. The comb-shaped heat sinks and optimized circuit layout dissipate heat efficiently, ensuring the R9 is capable of continuous and stable high-power output. The result is that the R9 is capable of outputting 7300mW per channel at 32Ω, 102% higher than that of R7.
Fully-connected HiFi audio architecture
Five gain levels
The R9 boasts impressive audio performance thanks to its five-stage audio architecture with carefully-crafted IV, LPF, gain, pre-amplification, and current expansion stages. An important part of the audio circuit is the OPA2211 op-amps, which are made through the silicon-germanium (SiGe) CMOS manufacturing process that ensures the chip’s excellent performance. The variable gain and variable power supply voltage design result in 5 levels of gain, allowing you to exactly dial in your desired listening volume. No matter if you are using IEMs or hard-to-drive headphones, you will get a great listening experience.
Finely tuned power supply DC/AC dual power supplies
Built into the R9 is a new 40W low-noise, high-efficiency, long-lasting industrial-grade power supply, supporting an ultra-wide range of input voltages (85~305VAC) and capable of operating under a wide range of temperatures (-40℃~85℃) as well as rated for lasting 500,000 hours. The R9 can also be powered by an external DC power supply*, allowing you to pair the R9 with a high-performance linear power supply that offers its own sound. Additionally, when the R9 is paired with an external AC power supply, you can choose to enable the “Ground Lift” functionality to reduce crosstalk for purer sound.
Separate analog and digital power supplies
The analog portion of the audio circuit features a finely-divided multiple-stage power supply, including digital-to-analog conversion, LPF, pre-stage processing, amplification drive and other power supply stages. Each power supply stage uses many precision LDOs for secondary voltage stabilization, further ensuring a clean and stable supply of power. 
Large 6-inch HD screen
Taking your experience to new “heights”
The R9 features a tall 6-inch 2160*1080 vertical (portrait) screen combined with the open Android OS for a thoroughly intuitive experience. The open Android OS not only allows the user to freely install and use third-party streaming music and other apps, it is also thoroughly refined so that the user does not have to worry about app compatibility problems. 
For an exhilarating audiovisual experience
HDMI Decoding
Connect to computers/game consoles/Blu-ray machines and other devices through HDMI IN, and also connect to monitors and other devices through HDMI OUT to enjoy dual high-definition video/game experience.
Connect to computers/game consoles/Blu-ray players and other devices through HDMI IN, and connect to monitors and other similar devices through HDMI OUT for a high-resolution audio and high-definition visual experience.
Connect to an external TV/monitor through HDMI OUT for a better remote-control experience on a larger screen.
Allows you to connect devices such as TVs and Blu-ray players, and then connect to the FIIO SP3 and other similar sound equipment through the RCA or XLR outputs for high-quality audio.
Ten operating modes
Ten out of ten experience  
• Android mode:Freely use 3rd party apps, enjoy major music streaming apps;
• pure tone mode:Exclusive FIIO Pure Music mode, for truly immersive music;
• USB DAC mode:Connect to a computer/smartphone, to greatly improve their sound;
• Bluetooth receiver mode: Supports aptX adaptive/LDAC and other codecs, for convenient high-quality sound;
• AirPlay mode: Wirelessly connect to iPhone/iPad and other iOS devices, for improved sound quality;
• Roon Ready mode:Roon Ready certified, a must for serious music players;
• Coaxial/optical input modes:By being able to accept coaxial/optical inputs, the R9 transforms into a high-end audio decoder;
• HDMI input mode:Supports audio input from devices like game consoles/Blu-ray players/set-top boxes;
• HDMI ARC Mode:Supports audio return from devices like TVs/projectors;

FiiO R9 all-in-one Digital Media Streamer

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