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 Focal CLEAR Mg Headphones 




The gold standard in Focal open-back headphones, Clear Mg delivers outstanding sound performance and sophisticated, design-led features.


Made in France, these top of the range headphones incorporate exclusive Focal technologies, the result of cutting-edge research in acoustics and Focal savoir-faire.


The speaker drivers are composed of a unique magnesium cone, a material that enables sharp, precise, impactful playback that results in stunningly real sound.


The elegant finish of Clear Mg is also unique with a Chestnut and Mixed-Metals design combined with the ultimate comfort of a leather headband and microfibre earpads. Supplied with two cables and a carrying case, they have everything you could need to enjoy incredible sound in a quiet environment.


Fully unleashed, the sound is incredibly pure, generating a wide range of emotions for even more listening pleasure.





COMFORTABLE AND ULTIMATE OPENNESS: The solid aluminium yoke perfectly hugs the face whilst the leather and microfibre-covered headband follows a smooth curve regardless of head circumference. The perforated microfibre earpads play a key part in comfort levels whilst also contributing to the open sound of the headphones. This openness is further enabled by the honeycomb design of the earcups’ external grille.


INNOVATION DEDICATED TO SOUND: After four years of research and development, the engineers at Focal have designed a magnesium dome for the Clear Mg speaker drivers. Combined with an ‘M’-shaped dome, this material promotes even more lightness, rigidity and damping, the three success factors for a speaker driver. This innovation brings great dynamics and detail across the full sound spectrum while preserving a neutral and balanced signature. The ‘M’-shaped grille inside the earcup follows the curves of the speaker driver for even greater precision.




PREMIUM MATERIALS: Solid aluminium, genuine leather, microfibre: the premium materials chosen for Clear Mg are a clear quality gauge but also provide unique elegance. Timeless and design-led, the honeycomb pattern on the external grille of the earcups plus the Chestnut and Mixed Metals finish are a thing of beauty. Quite simply, they are unique in their sophistication.



• Rigid woven carrying case in colours to match the headphone

• 2 low resistivity 24 AWG OFC copper cables:

      - 1 x 3.9ft (1.2m) mini-jack cable with 1/4” (6.35mm) jack adapter

      - 1 x 9.8ft (3m) 4-pin XLR cable

• Optional: a stand allowing you to display the Clear Mg Headphones indoor


Focal CLEAR Mg headphones

  • Type Circum-aural open-back headphones
    Impedance 55 Ohms
    Sensitivity 104dB SPL / 1 mW @ 1kHz
    THD 0.25% @ 1kHz / 100dB SPL
    Frequency response 5Hz – 28kHz
    Speaker driver

    1 5/8" (40mm) 'M'-shaped

    magnesium dome

    Weight 0.99lbs (450g)
    Cables supplied

    • 1 x 3.9ft (1.2m) mini-jack cable

        with 1/4" (6.35mm) jack adapter


    • 1 x 9.8ft (3m) 4-pin XLR cable


    • 1 jack adapter, 1 1/8" (3.5mm) female

       – 1/4" (6.35mm) male

    Carrying case provided 97/8x91/2x43/4" (250x240x120mm)
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