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GamuT Phi3-i Loudspeakers 


The Phi3-i is the small, elegant performer that delivers and soundstage that goes against the compact looks. Using a custom-made Ringradiator and a 5.25” driver from the renowned danish manufacturer, Scanspeak, the goal is set on an authentic and involving sound with excellent resolution and superb timing.


The Phi3-i is able to reproduce an authentic sound with smooth highs and organic midrange with a tonality that focuses on music and not technology.


The enclosure is made in the best quality in danish furniture-quality, with real-wood and heavy bracings strategically placed to make the enclosure an active part of the sound. The binding-posts are specially made for Phi-i, and enables the use of both spades, bananas and raw cable.


The Phi3-i can be used in small to midsize rooms and can be used as a bookshelf-speaker or placed on a stand (sold seperately).


The updated GamuT Audio Phi-i series

The new Phi-i series continues the well-renowned series with the elegant looks in typical scandinavian design and build-quality.


The dna from the RS-series is found in the new Phi-i series, and holds a lot of the solutions from the bigger series. Phi-i is designed to be used in any room without being too critical about placement and it´s easily paired with electronics in any pricerange.


The sound is big and very involving, and great attention has been paid to have correct timing and an organic sound that involves the listener in the best musical way.

GamuT Phi3-i Loudspeakers

  • Construction:   2-way Stand-mount Monitor, ported – impulse optimized enclosure.

    Drivers:  Tweeter: 1 x 25 mm Ring-radiator
                      Mid-woofer: 1 x 150 mm Woodfibre cone

    Frequency response:   48 – 40.000 Hz

    Impedance:  4 ohms nominal

    Sensitivity:   87 dB

    Crossover point(s):  2400 Hz (Impulse and phase linear)

    Size: (WxHxD)  170 x 330 x 240 mm /  7” x 13” x 9.5” inches

    Weight: (Kg/Lbs)  13 Kg  / 28.6 Lbs   (Pair)

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