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GamuT Phi5-i Loudspeakers 


The Phi5-i is the floorstanding speaker designed with topclass-sound in mind, but at a reasonable price, and the looks is typical scandinavian design that blends in everywhere.


It´s a perfect choice in midsize to larger rooms where you want the extra low-frequency bass and full sound, but where size is still the big question.


Designed around a real-wood enclosure with heavy bracings strategically placed and tuned for optimal impulse, the Phi5-i plays big a big soundstage that is both very authentic and live, but also very precise and dynamic. Timing is a GamuT-agenda, and the Phi5-i honors the musicians and sounds in a way that invites you to play music.


Using the same tweeter as the Phi3-i, the sound is light and airy and with attention to detail. The Phi5-i is a 3-way speaker, so a seperate midrange handles the important and delicate reproduction of voices and it adds a lot more drama and authentic sound in combination with the two 5.25” bass-drivers.


All drivers comes from Scanspeak and is custom-made to Phi5-i, and carefull attention has been put to the design of the crossover and the feet. The feet makes it possible to adjust the speaker to your room, and they also works as a decoupling to avoid acoustical feedback from the floor.


The updated GamuT Audio Phi-i series


The new Phi-i series continues the well-renowned series with the elegant looks in typical scandinavian design and build-quality.


The dna from the RS-series is found in the new Phi-i series, and holds a lot of the solutions from the bigger series. Phi-i is designed to be used in any room without being too critical about placement and it´s easily paired with electronics in any pricerange.


The sound is big and very involving, and great attention has been paid to have correct timing and an organic sound that involves the listener in the best musical way.

GamuT Phi5-i Loudspeakers

  • Construction:  3-way floor stander, ported – impulse optimized enclosure.

    Tweeter:  1 x 25 mm Ring-radiator
    Midrange:  1 x 150 mm Woodfibre cone
    Woofers:  2 x 150 mm Woodfibre cone

    Frequency response:  32 – 40.000 Hz

    Impedance:  4 ohms nominal

    Sensitivity:  89 dB

    Crossover point(s):  650 Hz & 2400 Hz  (Impulse and phase linear)

    Size: (WxHxD)  170 x 1050 x 270 mm  /  6.7” x 41” x 10.6” inches

    Weight: (Kg / Lbs.)  36 Kg  /  79,2 Lbs.  (Pair)

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