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 GamuT REFERENCE Interconnect Cable (XLR or RCA) 


A musical signal is a beautiful but delicate thing. A lot can happen to it on its journey from one audio component to the next. Gamut’s Reference interconnects are designed to ensure that its travels are made in first class and it arrives in tip-top condition, raring to go.


When we say ‘first class’, we’re not talking about mollycoddling. On the contrary, we believe in minimum interference and a ‘just-right’ level of intelligent support.


Take our ‘smart screening’ approach, for example. Most interconnects include a layer of shielding which is designed to screen the cable’s conductors from external electro-magnetic interference. But there’s a down side, since this shielding also causes internal electro-magnetic energy to be reflected back in, resulting in time smearing and loss of dynamic response.


Our ‘smart screen’ solution is essentially a shield-but-not-a-shield. In other words, it’s selective about what it screens. It’s extremely effective at preventing interference from high frequency noise, yet it doesn’t create inductance and so the problem of dynamic compression simply doesn’t figure. In essence, there is no shielding below 100kHz. But go above that and you’re covered, so your valuable audio equipment is fully protected. Win-win.


  • Silver-plated OFC (oxygen-free) copper conductors
  • Teflon insulation, for a very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range.
  • Gamut’s bespoke tight-weave fabric wrap incorporating carbon fibre nano-strands, designed to eliminate the static electricity that is generated by any highly-efficient dielectric
  • Highest quality rhodium-plated connectors by Furutech
  • Available with a choice of RCA or XLR connectors
  • Flexible outer sheath for ease of use with black finish
  • Available in standard and custom-made lengths

GamuT REFERENCE Interconnect Cable

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