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 GamuT REFERENCE Power Cable (Schuko/US/AUS/UK) 


How important is a power cable? In a word, it’s fundamental. This is where your audio system begins its journey. The quality of the power that enters your system at this point can make or break its ultimate performance. So it’s worth getting it right, from the start.


The electrical current that your system draws through the power cable is dictated by the musical signal. So, that electrical current needs to be every bit as nimble and dynamic as the musical signal, otherwise the result will be rather like an orchestra that can’t quite keep up with its conductor.


To achieve that agility, the Gamut Reference power cable takes an unusual approach to managing electrical resistance within the cable. Instead of aiming to simply minimise resistance, it focuses instead on keeping resistance equally low across the entire audio bandwidth. Which, in layman’s terms, translates into one pretty nippy electrical current – or a top-flight orchestra whose time-keeping would do any conductor proud.


Our power cable also sports another singular feature: no shielding. Most power cables feature some form of shield which, while designed to screen the cable’s conductors from external electrical interference, also causes internal electro-magnetic energy to be reflected back in. Unfortunately this results in time smearing. To tackle the problem head-on, the conductors in a Gamut Reference power cable are arranged in a very specific geometry designed to effectively cancel out unwanted interference. So there’s no compromise to the dynamic response.


  • Silver-plated oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors
  • Teflon insulation, for a very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range
  • Gamut’s bespoke tight-weave fabric wrap incorporating carbon fibre nano-strands, designed to eliminate the static electricity that is generated by any highly-efficient dielectric
  • Highest quality rhodium-plated connectors by Furutech
  • Flexible outer sheath for ease of use with black finish
  • Available in standard and custom-made lengths

GamuT REFERENCE Power Cable

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