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 GamuT REFERENCE Speaker Cables (Spade/Banana) 


Gamut’s Reference speaker cables are designed along the same key principles as our loudspeakers – which is why they work so beautifully together. It’s a question of finding the ‘just-right’ balance between freedom and control.


On the one hand, you want to allow your music as much freedom as possible so you can relish that full heart-rending, gut-busting performance. On the other hand, a musical signal is a delicate thing and in any electro-magnetic environment, several factors are prone to interfere with it.


Rather than trying to banish those factors, we prefer to create intelligent ways of managing them. Usually, those ways are as minimalistic as possible. And sometimes, they involve manipulating the so-called unwanted factors to our advantage.


Take the conductors in our speaker cables, for example. Based on a similar idea to that used in the design of our power cables, the conductors’ geometry is cleverly constructed to effectively cancel out unwanted electrical interference. Why? Because this allows us to dispense with the usual shielding found in most cables which, while providing protection from ‘bad vibes’, also has the unfortunate side-effect of introducing time smearing.  And time smearing limits the delicate musical signal’s dynamic response. Think of it like driving a high-performance car with the handbrake on. Then release the handbrake.


What’s more, each of our Reference speaker cables features not one, but two distinct types of multi-stranded conductor. That’s because when it comes to conductors, we favour specialists over generalists. So the first type is particularly good at handling those thundering low bass frequencies, while the second prides itself on delivering the sweetest and clearest highs. Who says you can’t have it all?


  • Silver-plated OFC (oxygen-free) copper conductors
  • Teflon insulation, for a very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range.
  • Gamut’s bespoke tight-weave fabric wrap incorporating carbon fibre nano-strands, designed to eliminate the static electricity that is generated by any highly-efficient dielectric
  • Available with a choice of single-wiring or bi-wiring
  • Highest quality rhodium-plated connectors by Furutech, with a choice of spade or banana plugs.
  • Flexible outer sheath for ease of use with black finish
  • Available in standard and custom-made lengths

GamuT REFERENCE Speaker Cables

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