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 GamuT RS7i Floorstander Loudspeakers 

Give your music the freedom it deserves


Created for the most demanding of music devotees, the RS7i lives to take the lid off your whole music collection and let it show you what it can really do.


A true 3-way design, it features two woofers – the second of which is mounted above the tweeter to deliver stunningly rich, even and smooth bass tones.


Unusually, the mid-range driver is DC coupled, meaning that it’s directly connected to the amplifier. Instead of using capacitors in its crossover, the RS7i employs a special combined series and parallel network to filter low frequencies. This deftly avoids the potential for phase errors or time smearing that can occur in standard crossover designs.


The result? Epic timing, spectacular resolution and the kind of room-filling freedom your music dreams of. Close your eyes and you’re right there, in front of the stage. Your heart’s pounding, your skin’s tingling and you wish it would never end. Now it doesn’t have to.



A stunning finish

The natural woods used to form the body of our loudspeakers play a key part in their organic, dynamic sound. So we never cover them with surface veneers. Instead, a small selection of luxurious tinted varnishes is used to achieve our stunning range of finishes.


Hitting the spot

Every listener’s room is different, so Gamut offers some helpful guidance to optimise speaker placement. On request, we can provide an Excel spreadsheet allowing you to enter the dimensions of your listening space. The spreadsheet will then calculate measurements for the ideal placement of your Gamut speakers, allowing you to effortlessly find just the right spot for your speakers – and your music – to give their best performance.


GamuT RS7i Loudspeakers

  • DESIGN PRINCIPLE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • 3-way impulse optimised bass reflex floorstanding loudspeaker

    DRIVERS & CROSSOVER >>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • All drivers designed & made in collaboration with world-leading Danish driver experts
    • 1 x 1.5" tweeter: ring radiator, silk cone, neodymium magnet
    • 1 x 7" mid-range: sliced paper cone, impregnated with a bespoke blend of natural oils
    • 2 x 7" woofer: wood fibre cone, with Gamut solid wood dust cap for optimal impulse behavior over the full frequency range
    • Drivers perfectly aligned both physically and electronically to achieve phenomenal phase response for superior musical presentation
    • 3-way phase and impulse linear crossover design with DC coupled mid-range
    • Crossover points 250 Hz & 2,250 Hz

    BODY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • 21 layers of sustainably-sourced hand-selected real wood veneer form-pressed into solid wood panels
    • Curved shape and rear tilt designed for superior sonic performance
    • Complex internal bracing strategically positioned to enable dynamic musicality
    • Minimal but optimum internal damping
    • 2 x 5mm aluminium rear-mounted ports precisely tuned for optimum impulse response
    • Custom-designed front-face protects drivers while ensuring no acoustic obstruction


    BASE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Massive plate-and-spike base system, constructed in a sandwich of solid stainless steel with a composite damping material, provides incredible stability and decouples speakers from floor
    • Removable stainless steel 'coasters' to protect hard floors and damp resonance
    • Finely-threaded adjusters enable effortless refining of vertical and horizontal tilt of loudspeakers to optimize the speakers' sonic performance in your room

    WIRING & CONNECTIONS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Gamut Reference cabling internally throughout
    • 4 input terminals to enable bi-wiring and bi-amping
    • Gold-plated OFC copper input terminals with stainless steel 'nuts', compatible with stripped wire, 4mm banana plugs or custom 20mm spades

    MADE IN DENMARK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • 100% designed and built in Denmark

    SIZE & WEIGHT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Dimensions (mm): 1,310 (height) / 220 (width) / 520 (depth)
    • Dimensions (inches): 51.57 (height) / 8.66 (width) / 20.47 (depth)
    • Weight 68 kg


    • Frequency response 22 Hz - 60 kHz
    • Nominal impedance 4 Ω
    • Minimum impedance 4 Ω
    • Sensitivity 89.5 dB / 2.83 V

    WARRANTY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • 5 years
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