Statement Series GS3000e Headphones 
The GS3000e is the finest wooden headphone Grado Labs has built to date. Using Cocobolo for the first time in a large-body housing, this Grado has some of the richest sound we’ve ever produced.


Cocobolo is found in Central America, and just like the music there, is teeming with texture and emotion. What was discovered from using this wood in the GH2 and the flagship phono cartridge siblings, the Epoch and Aeon, has been brought over to the Statement Series process for the first time. This is the fullest single body of Cocobolo we have ever built, and the GS3000e is the perfect fit for it.


Being the first Statement Series headphone to use Cocobolo, we carefully tuned our 50mm signature drivers to not only take advantage of the larger soundstage, but to also embrace the deep and impactful musical character of this unique wood. Cocobolo continues to be one of the family’s favorite woods to work with.


Hand-Built in Brooklyn

Large Cocobolo Housing

8 Conductor Cable

G Cushion

Drivers Matched .05dB

De-Stressed Driver

Leather Headband

Metal Gimbals

GRADO GS3000e Headphones

  • Transducer Type:  

    Operating Principle:  Open Air
    Frequency Response:  4 - 51,000 hz
    SPL 1mW:   99.8 dB

    Nominal Impedance:  

    32 ohms
    Driver Matched dB:  .05 dB


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