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 Grandinote SOLO Integrated Amplifier 60W Class A 


Grandinote are proud to introduce a new product that is the result of a long period of design and development—the new integrated amplifier SOLO.


They have concentrated years of experience in HiFi development into this new creation. Everything is improved not only the audio quality and the power (now 60W in class A) but even a new design with a huge 9” display full of functions like VUmeter, spectrum analyser and more.


Grandinote is technology, innovation, flexibility, design and absolute audio quality.



Massimiliano Magri's Magnetosolid® Technology


Yes... at the end of the last millennium I was very happy for the sound of my tube amps, but in my brain there was an only question:

"why are the tube amps richer of sound than solid state amps"I know perfectly the physics of the tubes and the solid state devices, so I understood that the answer to my question was in the circuits and not in the devices!In the year 2000 I started my research in my technology:the first amplifier with this technology was born in 2002.


It's really a TRUE "tube amplifier schematic", WITHOUT the tubes and INSIDE the solid state devices. His sound was so different from all other amplifiers. His technology needs a proper name:"Magnetosolid® Technology".


Magnetosolid is the union of MAGNETOand SOLID. MAGNETO is for ferromagnetic components, so the output transformers. SOLID is for solid state components. The transformers are a consequence of our schematics like the tube schematics. In the practical, what did I do? I created solid state amplifiers with the rich natural sound of the tube amps, but not only: the frequency response of Magnetosolid® amps are so bigger than tube amps. The true plus is the damping factor: our impedence output is very, very lower than tube amplifiers. This produce a control in the bass frequencies that tubes can't dream!!! Other very important plus is in refinement of our schematic:- no capacitances between the stages (only before output transistors);- only two output transistors (simple push-pull);- no feedbacks;- for every device we use a dedicated power supply circuit. So we use a schematic like tube amp schematics, but improved! People thinks that tubes play better than solid state components...Really, tube amplifiers play better than ordinary solid state amplifiers, only for their schematics, not for the tubes.


Watch the video here!

See Grandinote's own website here

Grandinote SOLO Integrated Amplifier 60W Class A

£14,546.00 Regular Price
£12,364.10Sale Price
  • - Stereo integrated amplifier
    - Power for channel 60W
    - Damping factor 150
    - Frequency response 2Hz - 240 kHz
    - Two unbalanced inputs RCA
    - Two balanced inputs XLR (full-balanced)
    - Balanced inputs XLR unbalanced convertibles
    - Class “A”
    - No feedback
    - Direct coupling stages: no capacitor used
    - vu-meters
    - spectrum analyzer
    - Celio or Volta internal expansion boards
    - Color and brightness adjustable display
    - attenuation brightness display under adjustable timing
    - Volume steps from 0 to 68
    - Absorption 270W
    - Weight 34kg
    - W=370 x H=212 x L=450 [mm]

    - Grandinote's warranty of 5 years 


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