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 Hana M Series MC Cartridge 


The Hana MH and Hana ML cartridges have several advanced product features (Over E and S series HANA high output Moving Coil cartridges) that take the sound fidelity and musical enjoyment to new heights, continuing to offer a superb sound quality v. price at its higher price point.  


The ‘Micro-Line’ stylus design (shaped like the cutting head when the metal master LP is being produced), fits precisely into the vinyl groove to capture the very smallest details, offering better frequency reproduction and less distortion.


 • The ML (Micro-Line Low output) offers 0.4mv/1KHz output. 

 • The MH (Micro-Line High output) offers 2.0mv/1KHz output. 

Moving Coil sound quality through a Moving Magnet (MM) phono stage.


The Hana M Series cartridge bodies are made from black polyoxymethylene (POM) which is a hard and extremely rigid, low resonance thermoplastic manufactured by DuPont under the trade name ‘Delrin’. There is a gold-plated copper resonance plate integral with the cartridge body that further reduces distortion from vibrations.


Very high-quality copper wire has been selected for ML/MH moving coils, offering greater clarity of sound, thanks to its lower distortion of the musical signal. Parts such as the front yoke, centre and rear components of the magnetic electro-motive circuit and wires are Cryogenically processed, this is a ‘cold annealing’ process at near absolute zero temperature restructures metals at the molecular level, resulting in lower sound distortion.  The result is a more precise and musical sound quality.

There are captive threaded nuts for head shell fixing screws, these are built into the cartridge body offering easy mechanical fixing to the Tonearm head-shell.


2 year guarantee and a ‘new for old or damaged’ replacement service.

Hana M Series

  • Model Hana ML Hana MH
    Stylus Nude Diamond
    Nude Diamond
    Cantilever Aluminium Aluminium
    Magnetic circuitry Pure Iron / Cryo. Treatment Pure Iron/Cryo.
    Coil Wire High Purity Copper High Purity Copper
    Cartridge housing POM (Delrin™) POM (Delrin™)
    Output Level .4mV/1kHz 2mV/1kHz
    Output Balance <1dB/1kHz <1dB/1kHz
    Trackability 70μm/2gr 70μm/2gr
    Channel Separation 30dB/1kHz 30dB/1kHz
    Frequency Response 12~45,000Hz 12~45,000Hz
    Impedance 7Ω/1kHz 130Ω/1kHz
    Suggested Load Impedance >100Ω 47kΩ
    Cartridge Weight 9 gr. 9 gr.
    Body Color Black Black
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