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Same cable as D5 model, but in BiWiring version. Cable with proprietary 4VRC©, copper cooking for four times in order to obtain a reduction in values of inductance, capacitance and resistance. Isolator in XLPE where XLPE and 100 times better than normal teflon. This lowers the threshold of escape of spike, cancels the skin effect between individual leads and therefore the width of the musical signal barrier guaranteeing greater linearity and low amplitude of the sine wave of the basis for the benefit of the naturalness of musical signal emission.


Terminated with connectors to high quality Rhodium great plating that allows a better signal transmission without loss and oxidation power void. Technology twisted within the cable to get a balanced sound across the frequency band  with a low extension, a powerful and precise bass medium which helps to give force to the reproduction, snug and warm voices to emphasize the details of recording, precise focus, high transparent never aggressive, great dynamic, fantastic. 6 x 2.5 mm conductors 4VRC ©  It can be ordered or with 4 in and 4 out clips or  2 in and 4 out clips.

HiDiamond Diamond 6 Speaker Cable - 3m

  • External jacket: 140mm

    Number of Cond.: 6

    Cond. Graphite/Copper: (4VRC)

    Capacity max.: 75 Pf/m.

    Conductor Resistance: 7.98 Ohm/km.


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