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 HiFi Rose RSA780 CD Drive 


The RSA780 is a premium quality CD drive designed to allow first-class CD playback and ripping with HiFi Rose products, while also being compatible with other computer systems. Weighing in at 900g, it’s ideal for CD playback as the heavy construction contributes to the effective elimination of any unwanted vibrations. The rubberised bottom further assists in the isolation and reduction of vibrations that can occur when a CD is running.


The RSA780 has been designed so, for those who want to play or rip CDs with a HiFi Rose streamer, the CD Drive and player can be separated electrically, allowing only pure music data to be transmitted through to the software. In addition to this, the slot-loaded insertion of CD’s ensures a slimline aesthetic and ease of setup that can have users listening to their music in seconds.


The side of the RSA780 features a flick-switch that toggles between ‘Isolation Mode’ (Read-Only) and ‘Normal Mode’ (Read/Write). Isolation Mode uses digital isolation technology of iCoupler style to minimise external noise, so users can enjoy high-quality music with minimal distraction through their HiFi Rose player. Normal mode can be used to read or write CDs when connected to a computer.


The RSA780 features a USB Type B port for high-quality signal transmission. To further guarantee the best signal transfer, the RSA780 is supplied with the matching RSA705 7NOCC hi-fi grade USB 2.0 A-B data cable in the box.


The RSA780 is the perfect companion to any HiFi Rose player, bringing high-quality access to the CD ripping and playback apps built into their industry-leading ROSE OS software.



Key Features:

  • Separated CD drive with low-noise and anti-vibration design
  • Heavy 900g construction with aluminium shell
  • Slot-load mechanism for playing and ripping CDs in ROSE OS
  • USB-B Type port adopted
  • USB Isolator technology adopted
  • Minimised motion noise by applying high-performance insulators
  • Provides CD playback and ripping features
  • Save music in FLAC, FLAC (compression) and WAV formats
  • HiFi 7NOCC USB 2.0 A-B Data cable provided

HiFi Rose RSA780

  • Size: 152 x 152 x 25 mm
    Weight: 0.9Kg
    Backside: USB B Type (1ea)
    Power: 5V, 1.5A


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