Balanced Transformer Output Pre-Amplifier using WE 205D

Well made audio transformers can provide perfect coupling in a hi fi system. Free from the “mechanical” sound of solid state and the deficiencies of output capacitors, they can make reproduction more vibrant and focussed.

The LA6tx uses four very special line level balanced input and output transformers, developed and manufactured in their laboratory over several years to give what we believe to be the finest sound.  Two are used for input and two for output. Enabling a true balanced signal path if required. This circuit also works equally well with single ended signals.

At the heart of the LA6tx is the WE designed 205D made by their colleagues at Psvane. Dating back to the early 1930s original versions now change hands for around $2,000 each. This venerable design has a unique “open frame” design and a sound quality which is like no other.

The LA6tx is designed for the very best transistor and valve power amplifiers where musical purity is required rather than starkness.

A simple low gain pre-amplifier using transformers and the unique WE 205 valve where the emphasis is very much on the ultimate sound quality using transformers. Designed for the very finest systems where listening quality takes precedent.

Icon Audio LA6 TX

  • • Icon Audio custom output transformers
    • Icon Audio custom input transformers
    • All hand wired point to point 
    • ALPs Blue motorised volume pot.
    • Stepped attenuator option
    • All Triode simple design
    • 2x WE 205D
    • 2x 6SN7 valves
    • 274B Valve rectifier (GZ34/5AR4)
    • Double Choke HT supply
    • DC heater supply
    • Signal to noise level TBC
    • Freq response 13Hz-20kHz +0 -1db TBC
    • THD typically less than 0.2% (1v output) TBC
    • Gain 2.6x, 8.3db
    • Max output level 12v for 4.6v input
    • Low output impedance of 250Ω TBC
    • Suitable for power amps 100mv-2v sensitivity
    • Audiophile metal film, & wire-wound resistors 
    • SCR audio caps (Mundorf silver/gold option)
    • Silver/copper PTFE audio cable 
    • Gold plated Input terminals
    • Four line inputs (balanced and SE)
    • 220/240volts 75watts TBC
    • Comprehensive manual supplied
    • C E compliant
    • Size and weight TBC
    (TBC = To Be Confirmed. Specifications subject to change)

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