The new Tung Sol KT120 valve seems to have taken the Hi Fi world by storm! Taking the crown as the King of pentodes from GECs 1957 KT88.


 Icon Audio’s upgraded version of our KT120 power amplifier has several improvements including circuit and cosmetic improvements. Most importantly a built in bias meter greatly simplifies keeping your amplifier in peak performance. Previously you had to pay attention to numbers. Now if the pointer is on the black mark, it’s correct. Very easy!

The MB90 MK IIm is a very high performance power amplifier specifically designed to work in Triode and Ultralinear mode depending upon your preference and power needs. It can drive the very best of speakers with ease. Using only four valves the running cost and maintenance is very easy as the valves are run well within their maximum ratings

The front end is inspired by the famous British “Leak/Mullard” designs of the 1950s. This gives a very smooth musical quality to the high power available, making them very versatile in their application. Our unique big Tertiary wound “LDT” transformers give you true high end performance in every way: Dynamics. Macro Dynamics. Depth. Bandwidth. Purity. Warmth.


New features are:

  • New KT120 design
  • Easy Bias system
  • True Triode performance
  • Icon Audio LDT transformers
  • Larger power supply
  • Valve regulated for stability
  • Output increased from 100 to 110 Watts
  • Increased power bandwidth
  • Copper alloy top plate
  • More “Pure Class A” power

This amplifier is an ideal replacement for a larger transistor amplifier, for someone who wants a modern “fast” sounding amplifier that will still give that “warmth” and lack of fatigue that transistors cannot give you.

Icon Audio MB 90 MK II M (Pair)

  • Specifications and Features

    • Comprehensive manual supplied
    • All hand wired point to point
    • Class A, all Triode front end
    • Output Ultralinear (110W) or Triode (60W) switchable*
    • 4x KT120 matched valves (per pair)
    • 2x 6SL7 2x 6SN7 driving valves (per pair)
    • Signal to noise level -90db
    • Frequency response 20hz-20kHz +0 – 0.5db
    • THD typically less than 0.1% 1khz
    • 4 & 8 ohm loudspeaker taps
    • Beautiful valve cover included in the price
    • SCR hi fi audio capacitors
    • Silver plated pure copper PTFE audio cable
    • Tertiary winding output transformers
    • Big custom wound PSU with Choke
    • Gold plated Input & speaker terminals
    • 450mv (high) & 950mv (low) input sensitivity.
    • 230/240volts 200watts approx
    • Consumption: 38w standby, 88w quiescent, 200w Max
    • C E, ROHS

    Size in mm W200, D500, H220 (222 inc cover), 21kg each


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