Why “Made For Valves”?


The vast majority of hi fi speakers available today are made for powerful transistor amplifiers, which are often very power hungry and can be a difficult load to drive for any amplifier, especially valves. This is especially true of smaller stand mount and bookshelf speakers where huge amounts of midrange and treble are literally “dumped” in order to increase the relative bass output.


Obviously better results will be obtained from you valve amplifier if it is driving an easier more stable load. For example many loudspeaker designs use a four ohm bass unit, working on the premise that the amplifier power will double going from eight to four ohms. This of course does not happen with valve amplifiers; therefore the sound balance will be wrong. A well designed efficient loudspeaker with a more constant impedance will give vastly improved performance in terms of volume level, special image and more solid controlled bass.

A simple yet effective crossover ensures that the signal transfer from the amplifier has the minimum impact in order that the amplifier can “see” the speaker drive units clearly without excessive distortion.


When we released our first “MFV” model eyebrows were raised in some quarters that anyone might consider designing speakers specially for valve amplifiers. But the favourable reactions of customers and dealers confirms our belief that there is a genuine demand. So much so that we have recently been developing our new FRm “Full Range modified” models which are even more efficient for low powered SE types of amplifier.


Icon Audio valve amplifiers have a reputation for excellent performance and build quality, but we are aware that they are not always matched to ideal loudspeakers thereby not optimising the sound.


The ease of driving means that as little as 15 watts will achieve an excellent volume ideal for large orchestral works in a large room.

The MFV 3 MKII is also an ideal partner to lower powered SE valve, transistor or hybrid amplifiers. 300B 9w SE amplifiers for example have a breathtaking immediacy and dynamics.

Icon Audio MFV3 MkII “Made for Valves” Loudspeakers

  • MFV 3 III Specifications and Features



      • Slim front profile only 23cm wide (8.25in)
      • Small footprint for their size
      • Designed for valve amps of around 9w to 90w
      • Designed in Leicester UK
      • Ported for extended bass performance
      • High 92 db sensitivity
      • Easy to drive load
      • Simple crossover for and easy driving
      • Audiophile inductors and poly prop caps
      • D’Appolito based design
      • Long grain loudspeaker quality MDF for minimum cabinet colouration
      • Dark Rosewood finish
      • Supplied complete with spikes
      • Shielded magnets for minimum magnetic field
      • Supplied with attractive front cover
      • 20kg. each W 23cm. H 107cm. D 29cm  NEW MKIII Updates include:
      • Specification subject to change.
    • Upgraded simplified crossover
    • Improved efficiency
    • Heavy duty composite rubber dampening (4KG per speaker)
    • Cast alloy basket
    • Heavier density MDF





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