The cabinet


The MDF is 1″ thick audio grade. There is a special recess for the mid/bass unit which helps with the dispersion of unwanted energy and resonance. The cabinet is braced for maximum neutrality in sound.


The mid/bass unit:


The cone and the cap are made as one unit giving very good rigidity, resulting in very low distortion, even at high power. The cone and voice coil come from Taiwan. The neoprene rubber surround is manufactured in Germany. We prefer to use “rubber” speaker surround, as they last longer than the foam type.

The magnet is NdFeB rare earth 70mm dia, it is very powerful, large enough to drive a 12″ speaker.

Uses a 3″ voice coil.


Unlike the similar Dynaudio unit which uses a copper plated Aluminium coil, we use pure copper wire which has a lower impedance, therefore more powerful bass. The large coil enables the speaker to handle 150w of power (continuous).


 The Tweeter.

The cone is made from silk, again from Taiwan, we feel that silk has better listening characteristics than metal or ribbon type tweeters. Ours is designed to have a lower operating frequency of 800 Hz; this provides very good integration with the midrange. We test and match the tweeters at 24c low humidity conditions for optimum matching and performance. We use special adhesive from the USA which gives very good temperature stability, strength and high frequency response.


There is a second magnet, this has two functions, 1, to increase the magnetic field strength, 2, to reduce the low frequency impedance raising mid-range output, increasing the damping factor and efficiency, the nominal impedance of the tweeter is 6 ohms. This helps with valve amplifiers to give a more linear freq. response.


The crossover is of minimalist design to get the best out of the drive units, whilst keeping a simple load for amplifiers. Jensen Copper foil, paper in oil caps are an upgrade option The chokes are wound by Icon Audio.


The system has very good Richard H Small/Thiele characteristics with very good bass output at low distortion. Tested with the German Klippel Gmbh test system, which is unusual in that the system is tested at high power, rather than the low power systems that other test systems use.

Icon Audio MFV6 Loudspeakers

    • Designed for valve amps of 6w to 60w
    • Efficiency 92db MFV3 Super. 90db MFV2 88db MFV6
    • Nominal impedance 6Ω
    • Designed in Leicester UK
    • Woofer unit based on German Klippel
    • Rare earth NdFeB magnets
    • Oversized magnets for extra efficiency
    • Low Oxygen copper wire voice coils
    • Very low F0 tweeters with copper ring
    • Smooth impedance curve
    • High overall sensitivity
    • Easy to drive load
    • Hand made crossovers with audiophile caps
    • Audiophile inductors
    • Long grain loudspeaker quality MDF
    • Choice of Cherry black or Walnut veneers
    • Optional stands available complete with spikes
    • Shielded magnets for minimum magnetic field
    • Supplied with attractive front cover
    • Dimensions:-
    • MFV3 MKII 109H X 21W X 35D (cm)
    • MFV6 5H x 18W x 24D (cm)
    • MFV2 40H x 21.5W x 32D (cm)
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