Small But Perfectly Formed!

In a rapidly changing world it is nice to have some traditional values. In 1955 The British company H. J. Leak designed the Stereo 20 using the new Mullard EL84, and ECC83 valves. It was an instant worldwide success for quality performance and value. These vintage amplifiers can now fetch over £1,500!

Our new Stereo 20pp is inspired by this design.

Ideal for the smaller room, or loudspeakers that do not require a large amount of power. Our circuit uses less feedback and designed to be compatible with the higher output that CD players have as well as any almost any other source including MP3/WAV etc.

This amplifier has a very transparent quality, being particularly suited to acoustic and orchestral music, but used with appropriate speakers is capable of performance way beyond your expectations!

The inclusion of a dedicated headphone winding on the output transformers guarantees the best possible performance. Giving a closer intimacy than is possible that with solid state headphone amplifiers.

The diminutive EL84 output tube is very efficient much loved power tube, enabling the use of a smaller power supply and output transformers giving economy of size and materials which is reflected in the final price.

The EL84 has a very high pedigree having many variants in radio, TV and radar and apparently was even used in the firing mechanism of nuclear missiles!

Very affordable, punches way above its weight/price, low maintenance. Delightful airy quality. Small size.

Icon Audio Stereo 20 PP

  • Specification & Features

    • EL84 output valves
    • ECC83/ECC82 double triodes valves
    • Class A, all Triode front end
    • Ultralinear output circuit
    • Supplied in triode form upon request (FOC)
    • Hand wired point to point components
    • 15 Watts per channel Ultralinear
    • Suitable for 4 to 8ohm loudspeakers
    • Freq response 20-20Khz
    • Attractive valve cover included in the price
    • Solen hi fi quality audio capacitors
    • Silver PTFE audio cable
    • Gold plated Input & speaker terminals
    • 3 line Inputs for CD, Tuner, MP3 etc
    • 250 my sensitivity for full output
    • 220/240volts, 100w
    • 27cmW, 30D, 16H cm 10kg
    • Comprehensive manual supplied

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