Innuos Zenith Statement Music Server

The Innuos Zenith Statement Music Server will be available soon.

Following on from the hugely successful Zenith SE, comes the Innuos Zenith Statement. A two-box digital source for high-end audiophiles.


The Innuos Zenith Statement builds on the foundations laid down by the Zenith SE but with a second, umbilically-linked box housing the transformer. This separate enclosure prevents vibrations and EMI emissions from polluting the rest of the circuit.


The Innuos Statement boasts a new power supply designed Dr Sean Jacobs. From this power supply, eight independent power rails are extracted to independently supply each of the custom-built motherboard’s critical components (CPU, hard drive etc.) There is an in-house designed USB board and ‘3ppb OCXO’ clock “for higher precision and lower phase noise”.

Innuos Statement



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