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 JBL L75MS Music System 


 ***New—Limited Black Edition*** (see below) 


The JBL L75ms Music System caters to the enthusiast who seeks an easier way to listen to their music collection without sacrificing acoustic performance.


As a modern re-imagining of the traditional Hi-Fi system, the L75ms finds its design inspiration from the JBL Classic Series with which it shares its walnut wood veneer cabinet finish and black Quadrex foam grille.


Behind that retro appearance lies thoroughly modern acoustic technology including high-res audio capability and a wealth of wired and wireless connectivity. With its incredible combination of style, size, and performance, there is simply nothing like the L75ms Music System


The integrated streaming engine provides both wired and wireless network audio capabilities via Ethernet, Google Chromecast Built-in, Apple AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth audio. A 32-bit/192kHz high-resolution DAC ensures your favorite music comes across with the highest fidelity. In addition to premium wireless audio, the L75ms provides a number of connections for physical sources including a moving magnet (MM) phono stage, an HDMI ARC input, and a 3.5mm analog input.


Designed and Engineered at the Harman Center of Acoustics Excellence in Northridge, California, the L75ms leverages JBL’s past 75 years of loudspeaker designs to deliver truly outstanding sound while outperforming most traditional component hi-fi systems in the process. With its incredible combination of style, size, and performance, there is simply nothing like the L75ms Music System.



Product Highlights:

Dual 5.25-inch (133mm) woofers paired with 1-inch (25mm) Aluminium tweeters and a 4" (100mm) centre image driver

High-resolution wireless streaming over Chromecast and Airplay2

Satin walnut furniture-grade wood veneer

HDMI, analogue auxiliary and phonograph inputs

Selectable sound-field expander

Included Remote Control

Works with MusicLife app



 ***New in 2023—Limited Black Edition*** (see below) 


For a limited time, JBL’s iconic Classic Series passive hi-fi and powered streaming loudspeakers will be available in a special Black Edition version that showcases these highly popular models in a stylish and sophisticated new look. 
Available on four models – the passive hi-fi L100, L82, and L52, and the powered streaming L75ms music system – these special production versions all include the Black Edition Appearance Package that consists of a high-gloss black painted cabinet finish, unique gold labels on the front and rear of the passive models, and a black Quadrex foam grille with a unique gold JBL logo accent.
In addition, the L100 and L82 will include the Black Edition Performance Package that includes acoustic refinements to all drivers, and an upgraded crossover network with a premium bi-wire input terminal cup.
While the popularity and acoustic performance of the Classic Series loudspeakers cannot be denied, their decidedly retro walnut wood veneer and brightly colored grilles may not fit with every décor and interior. The Black Edition Appearance Package transforms their look in a most elegant way. Each enclosure is treated to a multi-step, labor-intensive painting process that starts with a black base coat and ends with a luxurious high-gloss finish, resulting in a mirror-like exterior that reflects its environment to the eye. The high-gloss process also provides a subtle radius to the edges of the cabinet giving it a softer look overall. To complement the black cabinets, special gold labels are used on the passive hi-fi models (L100, L82, and L52) on the front of the loudspeaker around the attenuator level controls and on the rear labels above the input terminal cup. Black Quadrex foam grilles are accented with unique gold JBL badges to visually identify these models as special edition products. The Black Edition Appearance Package elevates these models to a modern feel that is at home in virtually any décor.
The larger passive hi-fi models L100 and L82 also include the Black Edition Performance Package that offers improvements over the standard L100 Classic and L82 Classic models. The Performance Package includes an upgraded woofer design that benefits from improvements to its linearity helping to reduce distortion. The tweeter and midrange drivers have also been treated to refinements that deliver higher levels of performance. These updates come with a change to the crossover design to provide dual inputs for use in bi-wiring applications. The new input terminal cup includes dual sets of premium gold-plated binding post terminals providing for a secure connection to a variety of loudspeaker cable and connector types. The Performance Package delivers overall improvements to the sound of these two models adding to their uniqueness within the Classic Series loudspeaker range.
The Black Edition models will only be available for a limited time before they are gone forever. They offer a unique combination of award-winning design, legendary JBL sound, and limited-edition appeal in a beautiful product that stands above the rest.

JBL L75MS Music System

  • Type

    Streaming tabletop loudspeaker system


    Low Frequency Drivers

    Dual 5.25" (130mm) Pure Pulp cone woofers


    High Frequency Drivers

    Dual 1” (25mm) Aluminum dome tweeters with waveguides


    Midrange Driver

    4” (100mm) Pure pulp cone midrange


    Amplifier Power

    125W RMS per woofer, 25W RMS per tweeter, 50W RMS for center (350W RMS total)


    Sound Controls

    Speaker placement compensation, selectable sound-field expander


    Wireless Inputs

    WiFi streaming, Bluetooth 4.2


    Wired Inputs

    HDMI ARC, ethernet, phono (MM), 3.5mm AUX



    Up to 32-bit, 192 kHz


    Frequency Response

    45 Hz - 25 kHz (-6 dB)


    Maximum SPL

    106 dB @ 1m


    Subwoofer Output

    2V RMS with auto-sense/engage HPF



    Front-ported tabletop in satin walnut furniture-grade wood veneer



    Black foam Quadrex grille


    Dimensions with grille

    8.5” H x 31.1” W x 11.3” D (216mm x 790mm x 287mm)


    Remote Control Type



    Product Weight (Each)

    35 lbs. (15.9 kg)


    Shipping Weight

    44 lbs. (20.0 kg)


    Shipping Units of Measure



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