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 LessLoss Blackground Ground Interface 


Blackground is an innovative new technology developed by LessLoss which comes in simple modular form.


One such device connects any tapped AC or DC voltage to ground. This special connection elevates sonic performance to unprecedented levels. Any signal can be used, including line level signals, speaker signals with high current, or even power voltages. No current flows through between the Blackground's two contact terminals.


The BlackGround device's dimensions are 64mm (width) x 64mm (width) x 29mm (height without protruding contact posts). With contact posts, the height is 35mm.


For usage instructions, see the following descriptions.

If you want a ready-made, plug-and-play solution for power, click here to go to the BlackGround 10x Power Base page. Or to add Black or White Jumpers for Blackground, click here.




Blackground can be used in a variety of ways to elevate sonic performance. Below, you can see how to incorporate it in different applications. Blackground will NOT colour or skew the sound in any direction.

Instead, with each additional Blackground interface, the sonic results will become more and more transparent, insightful, rich in expression, and more easily comprehensible in focus and clarity. If you find yourself turning up the volume, that is the ultimate sign of progress, for if you test acoustically using a loudness meter, you will see that nothing has changed in terms of SPL. Sonic purity simply begs the listener for higher levels because of the aural attractiveness of newly revealed substantive detail.

Below, we divide the Blackground instructions into separate categories.

Click each to jump to the corresponding section for details.

1-- General rule for all applications; performance-scaling
2-- Specific use for loudspeaker audio signals
3-- Specific use for unbalanced line level (RCA) audio signals
4-- Specific use for balanced line level (XLR) audio signals
5-- Specific use for AC power voltages
6-- Specific and unique use for the LessLoss Blackbody v.2



LessLoss Blackground Ground Interface