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Do you feel let down by the promises of modern digital audio? In the early 90’s, Sony and Philips were advertising “perfect sound forever,” yet today, don’t you feel cold, empty, and tired from the mechanical sound of digital? Does your direct experience lead you to question the “numbers race?” Isn't it suspicious that, under proper conditions, standard resolution can actually sound better than high-res? If so, Echo’s End is for you.  

Imagine a sound so smooth, so liquid and organic, that you’d no longer even know, or even care, whether it is digital or analog. Sampling rates mean nothing. Imagine feeling the intricate emotional stimulus of every performance, regardless of digital source. There’s an audiophile saying that goes, “never blame the source material.” Echo’s End is the DAC that lives up to it! 

LessLoss has been perfecting the art of digital conversion for over 18 years. We never take part in the corporate rat-race of chasing popular fashion. We always know that sonic performance has primarily to do with Jitter reduction, and that Jitter is always going to be contended, since it is impossible to measure with authority. We work by ear where the lab equipment can’t follow. As a result, today we have over 5000 satisfied customers in 65 countries, and counting. This is only because of confirmed experience in real-world systems by real-world people. We hardly advertise. We don’t really have to.  

Echo’s End is the perfect DAC when you want music to flow just as it does in nature. You don’t get harshness or masking by digital “same-ness.” What you do get is an easy-to-use, fully automatic digital-to-analogue converter whose sole purpose is to provide the best possible audio quality. You won’t find external buttons, nor lights, nor animated display screens. Echo’s End is fully automatic. Just connect a digital source such as USB, S/PDIF, or AES/EBU, and Echo’s End will automatically find the signal and convert it to beautiful analog sound. At the outputs you have directly converted analog signal, with absolutely no components in the signal path. No chips, no op-amp buffers, no caps, no transformers, nor any tubes. 

The sound quality is fantastic. We’ve incorporated on-board Firewall modules, a special technology for conditioning power developed and manufactured exclusively by LessLoss. This raises the sonic performance to unbelievable levels. All parts in the Echo’s End, both mechanical and electrical, are fixed directly to wood, and point-to-point soldering allows for the smoothest possible signal flow, ensuring the most liquid audio reproduction imaginable. 

With Echo’s End, you get four digital inputs and two types of analogue outputs. You can play any PCM audio up to 192 kHz, and even DSD. 

Echo’s End is a great tool for those who want to simply “set it and forget it.” You don’t have to play around with menus, settings, or remotes. You get top performance and peace of mind knowing there are no unnecessary features. Echo’s End is pure and simple, and this is part of what makes it sound so good.

LessLoss Echo's End DAC

  • Digital inputs

    • The unit supports USB, S/PDIF, and AES/EBU digital inputs. 

    Analogue Outputs

    • 2 Channels Unbalanced (RCA), straight off of the Ladder DAC resistor network at 1.4V RMS. You can even drive many headphones directly.
    • 2 Channels Balanced (XLR), at ~2V RMS. You can drive most any headphone through this output. 

    Digital formats converted to analogue

    • PCM up to 24/192 kHz
    • DSD 1x and 2x on USB input 


    • Width 375 mm
    • Depth 230 mm (add a few mm for the connectors at the back)
    • Height 55 mm (add 38 mm to the height if you use the Bindbreaker equipment feet)
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