We all know how getting that next speaker upgrade involves difficult decision-making, big financial outlay, complicated logistics, and often times even new amps in the process. Acoustic room-matching issues are often the bane of those involved. And if that weren't enough, there is the ordeal of matching visual decor... need I say more?


All of this trouble is circumvented by a simple little gadget that opens the doorway to a new level of speaker performance, without having to upgrade your speakers or to mess with any of the internal crossover parts.


What you get by using this small device is:

  • Much better focus. Did somebody switch out the tweeter to a much more expensive model?
  • Much less "fog" in the soundstage. Did somebody replace the internal acoustic damping material?
  • Pure sonic colors to die for. Did somebody redesign the crossover for improved cross-driver impulse response?
  • Meticulous control of bass. Has the bass driver's moving mass been halved?
  • You save a lot of money. Did I just steal a new level of loudspeaker? Am I dreaming this or is it real?


Oh yes, it is real. And it is now available. No overpriced "audio jewelry" just for looks. No 'snatch the cash and disappearing' acts. Just rock-solid performance with every dollar going directly towards massively increased audio performance. The gear is always functional and aesthetically clean. After all, we're all in this for the sound, and that definitely comes first. Sound, and real-world accessibility.

LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers, stereo pair

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