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 LessLoss Firewall 640X Module 


***C-MARC version available—see product options***


The new C-MARC Firewall 640x features four substantial upgraded features from the standard Firewall 640x.

These are:

(1) C-MARC™ upgrade of flexible lead to the C13 plug.

(2) Entropic Process on the C-MARC™ cable.

(3) Entropic Process on the C13 plug's contacts.

(4) The crystal clear polycarbonate plug is outfitted with our laser precision cut micro-vibration absorbing chuck.



Featuring the latest and most advanced LessLoss Skin-filtering technology, the Firewall Module blocks noise pollution to levels traditional capacitor and coil-based solutions can only hope to approach.


Developed from our critically acclaimed DFPC (Dynamic Filtering Power Cable), the LessLoss Firewall Module reveals hidden subtleties of the entire audio event as it eliminates the widespread negative effects of high frequency noise pollution. Use the Firewall module with any equipment so that its potential performance can be realized in today's over-polluted electro-magnetic atmosphere.




• Based on LessLoss Skin-filtering technology

• Includes our most advanced directional filtering

• Hardwood provides micro-vibration damping

• Anti-vibration inlet for rock solid sound

• Simple installation through plug-and-play design

• Cryogenic treatment lends natural flow to sound

• No soldering required, just plug and play

• No caps; no inductors; No resistors; no fuses; no diodes

• Dimensions: 14cm case length plus 8.5cm flexible lead



• The ultimate power we can produce

• No hint of 'digititis'

• Relaxed, natural, and fluid sound

• Dynamic to the lowest bass


LessLoss Firewall 640X Module (+C-MARC version)

  • Please visit the LessLoss website for the full list of technical specifications. 

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