Just as the DFPC Reference is a highly effective upgrade to the DFPC Original and Signature, the Firewall Module represents the ultimate upgrade for use with any of the DFPC power cords. Where the DFPC leaves off, the Firewall Module takes over. Because the short lead of the Firewall module is highly flexible, it can make installation even easier regardless of circumstances. One can exchange existing traditional power filter technology based on resonance for Firewall modules, and thus obtain the ultimate audiophile sound quality, at a much lower cost. 

The Firewall module is an efficient, lightweight, low cost alternative to heavy, costly power filters. Almost every customer winds up exchanging existing traditional filtering technologies for Firewall modules. 

The Firewall Module does not color the sound nor influence dynamic performance. Unlimited sound quality improvement is available through daisy chaining multiple units in series. Fear not that one might achieve overkill should multiple units be used together. That built-in deficiency is the realm of traditional filtering technologies built on caps and coils. Traditional filtering is based on resonance of a limited bandwidth. And, as it turns out, that is indeed the very definition of a color. LessLoss Skin-filtering exhibits no resonance of this kind, and, thus, does not color the sound. 

If using power distribution units: we recommend using units containing no internal fuses or traditional filtering elements (e.g., capacitors, chokes or transformers). Customers report excellent results using Furutech model e-TP60. 

The Firewall Module is an excellent component isolator. The filtering provided to the power of a system can equally well be used to provide isolation of noise from one piece of equipment to another. Typically, digital source gear tends to be the most noisy to the rest of the gear in the system sharing the same power line. To separate these, multiple Firewalls are recommended, and they will all effectively filter in both power flow directions, bringing the system’s performance as a whole to unprecedented levels. 

In application, the Firewall was conceived as a modular system: we’ve designed it to be used in a variety of ways in a variety of systems, maintaining a very low cost of introduction. This way it provides maximum usability and ease of incorporation into any system’s space and performance requirements. 

More on the Firewall Module

The LessLoss plug-and-play Firewall Module power conditioner features a C14 inlet and a C13 plug, for direct connection between a power cord and your equipment. Through simple connection, your existing equipment's performance matures to an entirely new level, regardless of make. 

The enclosure is milled from two pieces of solid oakwood. For superb micro-vibration control, the C14 inlet is mated directly against the natural oakwood enclosure. No metal housing can provide this type of performance, regardless of the use of even the most exotic rubber damping. Aluminum is particularly harsh on sound quality, lending a type of unavoidable artificially etched ’hi-fi’ type sound. The Firewall module contains no aluminum whatsoever, and facilitates an organically rich, natural sound quality. 

The attractive antique oakwood enclosure contains the Firewall electronics themselves, which are mated directly to its inner hardwood surface to obliterate micro-ringing directly at the source of action. Any time an electromagnetic current runs through a wire, some amount of micro-vibration occurs due to resistance. Our solution deals comprehensively with both electromagnetic as well as low level acoustic noise. At this level of performance, both must be taken into account in equal measure if the solution is to claim maturity.

LessLoss Skin-filtering is our advanced proprietary noise reduction technology which leaves standard cap-and-coil filtering methods far behind. In fact, the use of our technology reveals shortfalls of standard filtering methods and can therefore replace them altogether. 

The Firewall module features our most advanced LessLoss modified C13 plug. It has a much tighter grip than the standard version. This translates to a stronger electrical contact pressure with rock solid control of sound. No brass is found in the signal path. A special prolonged cryogenic treatment process is carried out which lends a relaxed, natural tone quality revealing the most natural details. The clear body is no accident: color agents all introduce their own fingerprint on to the sound. This solution is completely in line with our colorless Skin-filtering process. Together with superb micro-vibration damping and cryogenic processing, the Firewall module is the best gateway for any equipment to receive high quality power. Without quality power, audio performance is limited even by the most exquisite gear. 

Use the Firewall module with any equipment so that its potential performance can be realized in today’s over-polluted electro-magnetic atmosphere. Every recording contains layers and layers of emotionally charged valuable data which remain entirely hidden from the listener unless the power is properly conditioned. Through LessLoss Skin-filtering technology, power is stripped of noise and dynamics are never compromised in the process. The product is lightweight and simple to install. Its low price and extremely high performance make it unique. 


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