At Verity, our achievements have always inspired us to push for- ward and surpass our own boundaries of the loudspeaker design- ing art: with the Lohengrin IIS, we have added a new cornerstone to the architecture of sound reproduction. This amazing loud- speaker is the result of twenty-five years of accumulated pains- taking research and development. It joins the proud ranks of the most eminent loudspeakers, and presents an advance combina- tion of high-quality components for which Verity is well-known for, elevating its status to unprecedented levels of musicality. A tribute to the prowess of our engineers and acousticians, the Lohengrin IIS is the only loudspeaker ever to reproduce faithfully the full dynamic scale of voice or instrument while maintaining realistic dimensions.


The Lohengrin IIS limpidly merges top-to-bottom frequency infor- mation maintaining an astonishing level of sonic intelligibility. This dynamic, wide-bandwidth and efficient loudspeaker will bring true realism to your listening experience and delivers a tremendous amount of detail, regardless of your recording venue.


The Lohengrin IIS is comprised of two cabinets separated by a suspended platform. The upper cabinet houses a new Verity ribbon tweeter, a wide-bandwidth midrange, and a dynamic mid-bass woofer. The lower cabinet harbors a generous and a unique state- of-the-art woofer calculated for high-performance home reproduc- tion. The two modules unite to form an extended-range reference loudspeaker system.


A proprietary asymmetrical cabinet bracing technology allows each Verity’s high-quality drivers to fully merge in an exceptional level of continuity, musicality and image stability. This technology has been inherited through years of devoted research, craftsman- ship and dedicated listening.


The Lohengrin IIS comes in piano black, metallic silver, and many choices of exotic wood veneers. It is finished with a long-lasting high-gloss polyester lacquer specially imported from Italy and for- mulated to be associated with the finest luxury furniture. The en- tire manufacturing process is geared toward making a loudspeaker that embodies absolute quality and the most rigorous standards of workmanship.


From any perspective, the Lohengrin IIS is an exquisite loudspeaker that will offer a breathtaking sense of musical effortlessness and sound realism. It is one of those magic moments where all music it is called upon to recreate becomes an indulgence. A luxurious piece of engineering and furniture that integrates state-of-the-art components and represents an investment in years of enjoyment.


All Verity designs are crafted with a balance of science and art. It is only through this tradition that the spirit of knowledge and craftsmanship come alive.


Discover the Lohengrin IIS and live a once in a life time experience...

Verity Lohengrin IIS Loudspeakers

  • Specifications

    Bandwidth: 15 to 60,000 Hz ± 3dB

    Woofer: 15” (380 mm) doped polypropylene / 4” (100 mm) high-power motor

    Lower midrange: 9” (229 mm) doped polypropylene / 3” (76 mm) SD-1 high-power motor

    Midrange: 5” (127 mm) doped polypropylene / 2” (50 mm) SD-1 high-power motor

    Tweeter:2” (50 mm) pure aluminum ribbon

    Input Power: 5 watts ( 8 Ω ) minimum recommended

    Sensitivity: 95 dB @ 2.83 Vrms & 1 meter on axis

    Impedance: 8 Ω nominal, 4 Ω minimum


    Dimensions & Weight

    Height: 62.6 in. (1,590 mm)

    Width: 19.1 in. (485mm)

    Depth: 23.5 in. (596mm)

    Weight: 500 lbs (227 kg) / 730 lbs (331 kg) packed - pair


    Features & Accessories

    Connectors: gold-plated • removable posts

    Isolation Cone: solid brass with stainless steel lockable spikes

    Isolation Platform: 1-1/4” (3.2 cm) damped aluminum

    Jumper Cables: 8.0” (200 mm) high purity copper

    Transportation Case: ATA « Air Transportation Association » metal case

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