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 Luxman PD-191A Belt Drive Turntable 

Equipped with a completely original tonearm, this belt-driven analog player has the ultimate in performance.

Intensely Sensitive, Intensely Emotional
A fertile analogue played by the finest players, an eternal time. An endlessly rich music engraved on an analog record. Eternal time flows every time you play an analog record.
Luxman's PD-191A is a superb player that brings such a superb experience.
It features a newly developed original tonearm with extremely high initial sensitivity using knife-edge bearings. Combining a quiet DC motor supported by a powerful power supply with a belt drive system,with high fidelity, it brings a purely emotional playback sound.


Newly Developed Completely Original Tonearm
Newly designed along with the development of the PD-191A is the statically balanced tonearm LTA-710, which employs knife-edge technology for excellent initial sensitivity in the bearings.Over 40 years of tonearm development, Luxman have produced numerous signature machines. It is an original part that was finally completed after two and a half years from the idea to the joint development with the audio brand SAEC, which produces it. By setting the effective length to 10 inches, tracking error is suppressed and damping against surface vibration is enhanced, and the minute music signals picked up by the phono cartridge from the microgrooves of the record are fully transmitted. In addition, it supports detailed settings such as stylus pressure, anti-skating, height adjustment according to the cartridge to be installed, etc., which is possible only because the tone arm is assembled with high mechanical precision, to thoroughly pursue the playback quality.
Brushless DC Motor Driven by Large Capacity Power Supply
The drive motor is an important component that forms the core of the belt drive analog player system that rotates the platter powerfully and stably. In the PD-191A, the original high-precision, high-torque, brushless DC motor driven by a large-capacity power transformer with high regulation performance that is floating-mounted has been updated to special specs that match the heavyweight platter. A sine wave PWM/PID rotation speed control* program that achieves constant and accurate rotation under various conditions, and a high-performance reference clock for speed correction using a MEMS oscillator with excellent temperature characteristics are used to achieve extremely high accuracy speeds. It enables precise and quiet rotation.


*PID rotation speed control: 
"Proportional: Proportional operation" quick control to the target rotation speed, 
"Integral: Integral operation" control that absorbs minute errors, 
"Differential: Differential operation" Control against rapid fluctuations. 
In the PD-191A, a program that highly integrates these controls is implemented in the drive motor.
Heavyweight Platter that creates a Huge Moment of Inertia
The PD-191A is equipped with a 35mm-thick, 5.2kg-weight platter machined from an extremely thick piece of aluminum with high precision and finished with a diamond-cut finish that emits a beautiful shine. A huge moment of inertia of 0.7t / cm2 promises smooth and powerful rotation. The spindle, which supports the weight of the turntable, has a high-rigidity specification with a high-hardness stainless steel spindle shaft with a diameter of 16 mm and a ball bearing fitted at the bottom end. Excellent heat resistance and abrasion resistance.
The bearing structure combines a thrust bearing made of PEEK* material and a brass radial bearing filled with organic molybdenum oil that maintains stable lubrication even under high loads, to firmly support heavy platters. A belt-driven system, which is driven via an EPDM* belt that is resistant to aging, transmits energy from the high-torque brushless DC motor without loss.
*PEEK is an abbreviation for polyetheretherketone, a super engineering plastic.
*EPDM is an abbreviation for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer with excellent ageing resistance.
Damping Structure that Pursues the Ideal of Integrated Type
The underslung (suspension) structure, in which the main parts are attached to a 15mm thick aluminum plate, has succeeded in achieving both high rigidity and damping performance. By mounting the motor and power transformer on an extra-thick bottom plate via damping rubber, the delicate signal pickup is separated from the vibration source, greatly improving mechanical S/N (rumble) etc
3 types of Rotation Speed Switching and Stroboscope
The PD-191A supports 3 types of rpm, 33 ⅓, 45, and 78. To check the number of rotations, we adopted a reflective stroboscope with LED illumination, which was well received with the PD-171A. The strobe pattern has evolved into a highly visible striped pattern, and by operating a dedicated volume prepared for each rotation speed, it is possible to adjust the rotation speed more reliably and precisely.
Originally Designed Anti-Vibration Parts
In order to maintain the horizontality of the main unit, the PD-191A incorporates damping rubber with excellent temperature characteristics and ageing into the large-diameter insulator legs of a unique design that can be adjusted up to 5 mm in height to transmit howling and external vibrations. is prevented. Also included as standard is a newly designed vibration-absorbing rubber turntable sheet whose shape has been optimized through repeated listening.
Elegant Low Centre of Gravity Design with Wood Panels
For an analog player that is touched by human hands every time it is operated, the selection and finish of the materials that make up the exterior are very important. The appearance of the PD-191A is elegant and sophisticated, with a rosewood-colored wood panel on the front that is made of solid natural wood with a beautiful glossy finish, contrasting with the finely hairline-treated aluminum top panel.  As an optional option, a 4mm thick acrylic dedicated dust cover equipped with a cam support type hinge that can be opened and closed with a light operability is also available.
Headshell and Phono Cable
The original lightweight aluminum headshell with the Luxman logo is a special specification that uses D.U.C.C. conductors for the lead wires. An aluminum EP adapter and a standard 5P (DIN type) to RCA phono cable using audio grade OFC wire are also included. Future upgrades are possible with cable replacement.
Plenty of Options to Extend Your Tonearm
By making the arm base an independent part that can be replaced, it is possible to attach various tonearms (9 to 10 inches) from various manufacturers (sold separately arm base is common with PD-171A/AL). At the rear of the main unit, an external arm base that supports a 12-inch tonearm (the first is for the SME 3012) is also available (sold separately) to expand the enjoyment of analog playback.

Luxman PD-191A Turntable

  • Turntable
    Drive systemBelt drive system
    Motor PID control brushless DC motor
    Material Machined aluminum, Surface finish: Diamond cut
    Rotation speed 33 ⅓rpm, 45rpm, 78rpm switchable
    Speed ​​adjustment range ±6% (Each speed can be adjusted independently)
    Wow flutter 0.04% or less (W.R.M.S.)
    Mass 5.2kg (platter)
    Tone arm
    Format Static balance, S-shaped universal type
    Bearing Knife edge structure
    Effective length 256mm
    Overhang 16mm, tracking error: +1.07° to -1.52°
    Compatible cartridge weight 4-11g (17-24g including attached headshell)
    Height adjustment range 22mm
    Anti-skating 0-4g
    Power supply voltage AC100V (50/60Hz)
    Power consumption 5W (according to the provisions of the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law)
    External dimensions 491 (width) x 128 (height: to top of turntable) x 399 (depth) mm
    Weight 24.8kg (main unit), 29.8kg (standard packaging)
     Platter, head shell (with D.U.C.C.* lead wire) turntable sheet, rubber belt, pulley cover turntable mounting handle, EP adapter counterweight, anti-skating weight arm adjustment hex wrench (2 types) for arm base removal Hex wrench phono cable (DIN type → RCA: 1.5m, already attached to the main unit) Power cable (JPA-15000: 1.8m, with polarity mark )


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