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 Lyngdorf MH-3 Satellite Speaker 


Based upon the compact Lyngdorf speaker designs, the MH-3 sets a new bar for how small a speaker can be, while still providing high-level dynamic performance. With a focus on reproduction of open voices and tight transients, the MH-3 is the optimal choice for a small stereo or media room installation with subwoofers.


Powerful and compact design

The MH-3 is a two-way speaker with a powerful 4” midrange driver mounted in a very compact enclosure featuring wall mounts. In order to have an audiophile performance in this extremely small cabinet, we have designed this 4” driver with a magnet 50% stronger than traditional 4” drivers. This magnet design results in a higher sensitivity and a linear frequency response in this important frequency range.


Flexibility in installation

The MH-3 provides significant flexibility in placement due to the compact cabinet design and wide vertical dispersion pattern of the special tweeter design. The MH-3 may be placed 12”/30 cm above or below listening height without compromising the listening experience. This is the result of the very compact design of the soft dome tweeter, chosen for its lightweight structure, low noise, and linear frequency response. This tweeter has the added advantage of emphasizing musicality over analytic qualities, thus providing a truly musical experience.


Ease of installation is taken one step further with the very compact cabinet designed for wall mounting. The depth of the cabinet has been reduced to just over three inches, ensuring discreet placement along with optimal coupling to the room for nearly perfect timing response. As one expects from Lyngdorf Audio, the quality of the cabinet is apparent from the solid structure emphasizing our focus on dynamic music reproduction and high-quality performance.



MH stand

The MH speaker stand from Lyngdorf Audio gives you a sleek and simple way of displaying the Lyngdorf MH-2 and MH-3 speakers. The stand is made of aluminum and steel and comes in a black finish. Speaker cables can be hidden in the tube for a clean display. Screws for mounting the speaker are included. Call or email for details & price

Lyngdorf MH-3 Satellite Speaker

  • Description: 2-way satellite speaker
    Power handling: 80 W
    Nominal impedance: 4 Ohm
    Tweeter: Size 1″, textile soft dome, PTC protection
    Midrange driver: Size 4″, 25 mm voice coil,
    cone material: aluminum, vented magnet
    Enclosure: Closed cabinet type, full MDF construction, volume: 0.8 liters
    Frequency response: 110 to 20.000 Hz
    Sensitivity: 84 dB (2.83V/1m)
    Crossover point: 2.7 kHz
    Connections: Binding posts
    Placement options: Key hole mounting, prepared for alternative brackets
    Dimensions (W x H x D): 14 x 19.2 x 8 cm / 5.5 x 7.6 x 3.27 in
    Weight: 2.3 kg / 5.1 lb
    Finish: High gloss black, matte black or matte white

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