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 Mark Levinson No 5206 Precision Pre-amplifier  


Experience the inner details and maximum dynamics of music with the № 5206. Awarded two patents for groundbreaking design, this class-A preamplifier serves as the hub of your entire audio system. By perfectly preserving both digital and analog audio signals, the № 5206 delivers the purest possible signal, allowing you to hear the full potential of your music.


With Pure Path fully discrete, direct-coupled, dual-monaural line-level class A preamp circuitry, MM/MC phono stage, and Main Drive headphone output.

Derived from the same Pure Path design philosophy as the distinguished Mark Levinson 500 Series products, the № 5206 preamplifier was created to deliver all the performance and quality expected from Mark Levinson with new affordability and exceptional value.

The foundation of the № 5206 is its fully discrete, direct-coupled, dual-monaural line-level preamp circuitry, for which the Shelton design team has been awarded two patents. A unique single gain stage mated to a digitally controlled resistor network for volume adjustment maintains maximum signal integrity and widest possible bandwidth. Each of its four stereo line-level inputs—two balanced XLR and two single-ended, using custom Mark Levinson RCA connectors—has its own individual high-reliability signal switching relays. Like the № 500 series components, the Main Drive headphone output employs a preamp output stage specifically designed with the current and power capacity to drive headphones directly, without a separate headphone amp.

A newly designed phono stage features a hybrid gain topology, mating key discrete components from the acclaimed 500 Series Pure Phono stage with low-noise pre circuits for high performance at a lower cost. Also, like the 500 Series, a hybrid active/passive RIAA equalizer employs precision resistors and polypropylene capacitors for exceptional accuracy and sonic clarity. The user can select MM/MC gain and optional infrasonic filter from the setup menu, while capacitive and resistive loading settings are easily accessed from the rear panel. Variable line-level RCA outputs allow system expansion and flexibility.

The № 5206 delivers outstanding digital audio capability through the Mark Levinson Precision Link II™ DAC. The class-leading ESS Sabre Pro series 32-bit D/A converter with jitter elimination circuitry and a fully balanced, discrete current-to-voltage converter form the heart of the digital audio processing stage. Six digital audio inputs are provided: One AES, two coaxial and two optical S/PDIF, and one asynchronous USB for playback of high-resolution PCM (up to 32 bit/384kHz) and DSD (up to 11.2MHz) files. The № 5206 includes MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology, which enables playback of MQA audio files and streams. A Bluetooth receiver equipped with aptX-HD enables the high-quality Bluetooth playback.

System integration and communication ports include Ethernet, USB, RS-232, IR input, and 12V trigger input and output. A newly designed, solid aluminum IR remote is included with the № 5206. Finally, an internal webpage allows setup, import and export of configurations, and software updates using a PC and standard web browser.

Robust materials, lavish finishes, and bold geometry are hallmark attributes of Mark Levinson designs. The one-inch-thick, bead-blasted, black-anodized, solid aluminum front panels are machined and contoured to flow seamlessly into the sleek glass display, which itself is recessed into a bead-blasted, clear-anodized aluminum bezel. The iconic hourglass knobs redefined with a gently curved profile softly transitioning into a rounded front. With meticulous details, including, debossed top cover vents, screen-printed logo and legends behind the glass panel, and custom machined aluminum Standby and Menu buttons, and matching feet, the № 5206 exudes elegance and style.


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The № 5206 is proudly designed, engineered, and precision-crafted in the USA.


Mark Levinson No 5206 Precision Pre-amplifier

  • Highlights:

    Pure Path class-A analog signal with two awarded patents
    32 Bit/384 kHz Precision Link II DAC with 4x DSD Capability
    Independent input relays 
    Class-A high pass subwoofer filter
    Premium hybrid topography phono stage
    Selectable capacitive and resistive load settings
    RIAA equalization
    MQA Full Decode certified 
    Dedicated 80VA toroidal transformer
    Extensive internal shielding
    Two separate voltage regulation stages
    Designed and handcrafted in the USA


    Moving magnet and moving coil inputs 
    Bluetooth audio input including aptX HD support
    Home theatre processor pass-thru mode


    Balanced XLR and single-ended RCA outputs 
    Main Drive class-A headphone output


    Mark Levinson 5Kontrol App
    Custom aluminum IR remote
    IP, RS-232, 12V Trigger In/Out


    OTA update capability


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