1. Buttons (See diagram above)


2. Battery

RM2 remote control uses a CR2032 button battery, the drawer battery compartment design on the back of remote control can easily replace the battery. RM2 remote control uses a CR2032 button battery, battery life is about 1 year, and the control distance is 3-5m, please replaces the battery if you found that control distance becomes noticeably shorter.


3. Use

RM2 remote control is compatible with all keys function of RM1 remote control which can directly replace the RM1 remote control.


The version of the firmware mini-i under Ver3.4 and mini-i pro under Ver1.5 are not support the four channel keys on the RM2 remote control. Since the firmware is the internal MCU firmware, so mini-i series products cannot be upgraded to support the new keys function in the client’s side, the firmware version can be check in the setup mode, as shown below:



* Due to Express company’s reasons, RM2 remote control which sent to some areas will not be equipped with CR2032 button batteries, customers need to buy by themselves.

Matrix Audio RM2 Remote Control

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