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The Metrum FORTE Power Amplifier offers the holographic sound which you can expect from great tube design without the problems encountered in normal hybrid designs.


For a long time Metrum have used hybrid (triode) amplifiers for critical evaluation and pleasurable listening purposes. Given the problems that triodes can suffer with age, Metrum used simulation software to develop triodes with FETs. The great thing about triodes is that they can achieve low gain and high bandwidth without any need for feedback. As a result of this testing they achieved full Class A high voltage FET circuitry with the right gain, a very good open loop bandwidth and low noise.


To get this circuit running requires 350V but the result is amazing linearity without any feedback. This circuit then drives the class A/B output section (10W in class A) with a little feedback required to get the right gain, which also improves the damping factor at the same time. Compared to previous hybrid amplifiers there is no sonic difference, just less noise and lower distortion.


 Metrum Acoustics Forte Power Amp 


The circuits have been over engineered to ensure complete reliability and a soft start procedure added to charge the amazing 176000µF capacity without the risk of damaging your loudspeakers.


After two years of prototyping and testing the FORTE is now ready for release.


Combining the tube sound with amazing control the Metrum FORTE Power Amplifier will give you holographic sound from great tube design without the problems often encountered in normal hybrid amplifiers. The FORTE is the perfect addition to our Jade or Adagio pre-amplifiers.

Metrum Acoustics Forte

£4,899.00 Regular Price
£3,429.00Sale Price
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