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 MISSION 750 Loudspeakers


Following in the footsteps of the award-laden flagship Mission 770 – which also heralded Mission’s return to UK-based manufacturing – and even more recently, the Mission 700, the all-new Mission 750 brings the award-winning ‘modern-classic’ design to a whole-new price-point and category.


Developed as a result of overwhelming demand for the ‘700 series’ standout industrial design, heavily influenced by Mission’s original and seminal 700 series, the Mission 750 brings technology and performance traits from critically acclaimed 770 and 700 models but in a more compact, stand-mount (or bookshelf) design.


Unlike the 770 and 700, which are both more than just reintroductions in being ‘bang up to date’ innovations based upon predecessor models, the new Mission 750 is an entirely new concept and model, designed specifically to accommodate the market segments and budgets below that of the larger models in the series.


Although equally complex as any loudspeaker, in terms of development, the all-new Mission 750 benefits from utilising many of the same innovations of award-winning predecessors, making for a loudspeaker model that is technically advanced yet classically styled.


Starting with the cabinet, the Mission 750’s housing is a mere 355mm (h) x 216 (w) x 270 (d). Perfect for a ‘bookshelf’ speaker application.

Yet, it still employs a design and build standard equal to that of the Mission 700, including the multi-layer sandwich construction and specially developed acoustic damping adhesive complemented by a custom internal bracing structure.

A lining of foam and long-hair fibre aids internal resonance control, while the custom-profiled rear reflex ports aid in bass extension beyond what is traditionally expected from a cabinet of these compact dimensions.


The now-famous-again white front baffle and Mission logo are instantly recognisable. As too is the rich black or walnut real-wood veneer, albeit in a format more accommodating for smaller spaces and easier placement.
Taking the exceptional Mission 770 aside, you’d be forgiven for expecting a modern Mission loudspeaker to maintain the proprietary Inverted Geometry Design – and the Mission 750 does not disappoint!


IDG is not just a design statement; it is a crucial component of Misson’s loudspeaker design from the original 700 series onwards.

By placing the treble unit below the bass/midrange driver, the length of the sound path is balanced, resulting in sound waves that coincide at the listener’s head height.

This technique improves ‘time alignment’.

However, this design is not simply a matter of inverting the speaker cabinet.

Every aspect of the industrial and mechanical design requires precise calculations to ensure that the positioning, spacing, and alignment contribute to the goal of achieving optimal ‘time alignment’.

This is achieved through a meticulous crossover design process that is of artisan quality.


Within the IDG format, the all-new Mission 750 model, just like the 700 and 770, uses a newly developed polypropylene bass/midrange driver and motor system but is now in a new 5.25” profile specifically designed for this model. This innovative cone and driver technology not only enhances the loudspeaker’s overall design to meet modern power handling and dynamic requirements, but it also maintains the 700 series extended response and low colouration.

Every aspect, from the rigid, cast chassis to the low-density surround, has been thoroughly examined to deliver a driver with greater rigidity and precision-controlled cone-termination for dynamic performances and tight, fast, and energetic output.


High-frequency reproduction is provided by the 28mm, lightweight, coated microfibre dome, as found in the Mission 700 model, and likewise, placed below that bass/midrange driver.

With a high-frequency performance eerily close to that of the flagship 770, the Mission 750 also incorporates a specially damped rear chamber which aids in resonance control, extends bandwidth and facilitates the crossover frequency for super smooth treble performance.


A new classic in its own right: the Mission 750!


MISSION 750 Loudspeakers

  • Model Mission 750
    General description Two-way standmount
    Design philosophy and core technology  
    Enclosure type Bass reflex
    Transducer complement 2-way
    Bass driver 5.25" (135mm) mineral loaded polypropylene cone
    Midrange driver  
    Treble driver 1.25" (28mm) Soft Dome
    Full-range driver  
    AV shield No
    Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m) 86dB
    Recommended amplifier power 25W - 100W
    Peak power handling  
    Peak SPL 103dB
    Nominal impedance 6Ω (Compatible 8Ω)
    Minimum impedance 4.5Ω
    Frequency response(+/-3dB) 48Hz - 20kHz
    Bass extension(-6dB) 42Hz
    Crossover frequency 2.4kHz
    Cabinet Volume (in litres) 12.2L
    Dimensions (mm)  
    Height (on plinth) 355mm
    Width 216mm
    Depth (with terminals) (270 + 35) mm
    Carton size 565 * 395 * 485 mm
    Net weight 9.0kg / pcs
    Gross weight 19.5kg / ctn
    Finish Walnut or Black Oak real wood veneer with white bafe finish
    Standard accessories rubber feet
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