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 ModWright KWH 225i Hybrid Integrated 


The KWH 225i represents the culmination of years of SS and tube preamp and amplifier design. Our preferred approach has always been that of a hybrid system. Our first preamp was tube and our first amp was SS. Our sources have always been tube and until recently, all of our amps were all Solid State. The KWI 200 SS integrated amp was a big success for us, offering excellent performance and integration. Many customers however, found that it too sounded better when fed via tube preamp. So we decided to take things to the next level. We combined solid state output stage of our Reference KWA 150SE amp, with the controls and integration of the KWI 200. We then replaced the SS preamp circuit with a Class A tube design and increased the power to 225W. The result is the KWH 225i.

ModWright KWH 225i Hybrid Integrated

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