We are pleased to present the new PH 150 Reference Tube Phono stage with on-the-fly loading and attenuation controls.


The PH 150 is an all tube-transformer coupled design with external SS PS 150 power supply.


Max gain = 72dB. MM/MC, Stereo/Mono, RCA and XLR (fully balanced outs) and rear phase toggle.


Resistive and capacitive loading may be adjusted on-the-fly via front panel controls.


Gain may also be adjusted in 0, -6dB and -12dB steps, on-the-fly for both MM and MC inputs.


Inputs may also be switched on-the-fly, from MM to MC carts for tables with multiple arms.

ModWright PH 150 Reference Tube Phono stage

    • MM/MC: 72dB max MC gain; 57dB max MM gain.
    • Loading: (6) resistive and (6) capacitance loadings via front panel control – on the fly!
    • Gain Adjustment: Front panel on-the-fly control of gain = 0dB, -6dB, -12dB attenuation.
    • Input Switching: MM/Mute/MC input switching on-the-fly via front panel controls.
    • Mono/Stereo Switching: Front panel controls.
    • Phase Switching: rear toggle.
    • XLR/RCA Output Switching: Rear toggle selects XLR (fully balanced) or RCA outs.
    • Power Supply: External, pure SS, via 4ft. umbilical.
    • Tubes: (2)6C45; (2)6922/6DJ8/7308
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