EMPIRE MONOBLOCKS are half rack width (8.5 inch) , 2U tall (3.5 inch) monoblock power amplifier designed to match the Empire Streamer cosmetically and sonically to create the best ever sounding Mytek Electronics to be paired with the highest resolution monitor speakers.


The heart of Empire Monoblocks is the newly designed Mytek Ganfet Power Module, the power amplifier stage utilizing the newest range of ultra fast Gallium Nitrate transistors.


Because of the wonders of GanFET technology, distortion resulting from transistor switching are reduced by magnitudes, thus allowing a very gentle negative feedback and triode like behavior of the output stage transfer characteristic. The resulting sound has a silky top and beautiful midrange with a 3D sound stage and detail, just like with the best tubes, yet it retains the tight bass, control and dynamics of a large transistor amplifier.



Mytek Empire Mono Blocks

  • POWER:  1000W/ 4 Ohm, 500W 8 Ohm

    THD:  0.005% (average level)

    GAIN:  23 or 29dB

    INPUT:  RCA or XLR. Repeated via THROUGHPUT


    POWER SUPPLY:  Large low noise toroid linear power supply

    LINE POWER:  100-240VAC Auto

    DIMENSIONS:  WxDxH=17x14x2 inch =432x225x50mm

    WEIGHT:  30 lbs/15kg

    CHASSIS:  Silver Matte or Black Matte

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