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 Network Acoustics ENO USB Cable III 


Delivering exceptional levels of detail and realism, the eno USB Cable III by Network Acoustics features a natural, effortless presentation, completely devoid from digital artefacts and harshness.


eno USB Cable III is capable of bringing the best out of any connected streaming device and DAC, and will transform the music you hear from your system.


Available in 1.50 metre length as standard, with further 0.50 metre increments as desired, in USB A-B configuration.


In developing the eno USB Cable III we have optimised further the cable design exclusively for use for high quality audio reproduction.


eno USB Cable III delivers exceptional levels of detail and realism, with a natural and effortless presentation, completely devoid from digital artefacts or harshness. We believe this USB cable is capable of transforming the performance and the music you hear from any Streamer/PC and DAC it connects.


Available in USB Type-A to USB Type-B configuration, in 1.50 – 5.00 metre lengths as standard. Custom lengths are also available – please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.



  • Unique 3-Core segregated cable architecture.
  • Each core has been designed with its own specific dielectric and shielding structure.
  • 99.99% high purity UP-OCC conductors
  • Gold-plated pure copper connectors.
  • Hand-assembled and individually tested in the UK.
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • 30-Day “Try At Home” Money-Back Guarantee



Network Acoustics ENO USB Cable III

  • Weight 0.2 kg
    Dimensions 100 × 1 × 1 cm

    1.00 Metre,

    1.50 Metre,

    2.00 Metre,

    2.50 Metre,

    3.00 Metre,

    3.50 Metre,

    4.00 Metre,

    4.50 Metre,

    5.00 Metre


    USB A – USB B

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