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 Network Acoustics MUON Digital XLR Cable 


Three years in development, the muon Digital XLR it is designed for customers who prioritise transparency, realism and excitement, and who want to hear their system working exactly as the designers intended.
Hand-built in the UK, The muon Digital XLR Cable is available in 1.5 metre length as standard, with further 0.5 metre increments available as required.



Featuring our latest filtering technology, a new high purity conductor and a uniquely effective noise rejecting cable architecture, we are delighted to introduce the muon Digital XLR Cable.
Compatible with any AES/ EBU equipped Streamer, CD Player or DAC and unrivalled in its ability to reject electronic interference and deliver the cleanest possible signal between your Streamer or CD Player and your DAC.



  • Compatible with all AES/EBU DACs, CD Players and Streaming devices.
  • Noise-rejecting cable architecture.
  • muon in-line RFI filtering.
  • New high-purity conductor.
  • Pure solid silver connectors.
  • Hand-made in UK.
  • Individually tested against the reference cable.
  • Standard length 1.5m (additional lengths available up to 3.0m)
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Free express worldwide shipping.
  • 30-Day “Try At Home” Money-Back Guarantee.


Network Acoustics MUON Digital XLR Cable

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