After more than 20 years, we felt the time was right to explore the limits of power amplifier technology. And so the Jubilee monoblocs were born. Achieving the dream of producing a matching power amplifier for our highly regarded reference preamplifier demanded a completely new power amplifier design, an uncompromising approach to amplifier size, and a rigid insistence on the highest standards. The target of our ambition was to develop a tube amplifier with substantial power reserves and an exceptional performance. The result is an extraordinary product in both appearance and sound quality. The OCTAVE team has no reservations in claiming that the Jubilee series power amplifiers are indeed very, very close to the original objective of perfection.


... are the guarantors of a perfect sound.

The Jubilee monoblocs do not „make“ music; they retain the music – faithful to the highest standards of high fidelity according to the principle that nothing is more beautiful than the original.


... revolutionize tube amplifier technology.

A newly developed driver stage perfects the push-pull principle and results in unequalled load stability. In combination with the high-capacity power supply, which is backed by a double transformer with full-wave rectification, the Jubilee monobloc amplifiers provide a pulse-power of 300 watts per channel at the output in the bandwidth of 20 Hz to 80kHz. These unusual reserve capacities explain the brute dynamics as well as the superior performance of this singular tube power amplifier.


... represent a maximum of reliability.

The power management, soft-start of all tube functions and precise stabilization circuitry lead to perfect conditions that enable incredible reliability and longevity.


... play safe.

The power amplifiers are protected extensively from operator error or tube faults by the comprehensive safety electronic systems. In the rare case of a tube short circuit, the worst-case scenario results in a fuse de-energizing the power supply virtually instantaneously.

Octave Jubilee Mono Power Amplifier

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