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 Octave Jubilee Pre-Amplifier 


"...The Jubilee is a true work of art, providing a mastery of the music that is at the limit of what is possible in audio today..." This was the view expressed by Audio magazine when they reviewed the Jubilee preamplifier in June '98 and proclaimed it as their absolute reference. These highly-complimentary remarks attest to the commitment of the OCTAVE design team throughout the development of the Jubilee product. They also validate the conscientious selection of the finest components and the meticulous fine-tuning of the Jubilee’s sound quality. But you deserve to hear the Jubilee for yourself.


... spoils music-lovers.

Powerful dynamics, three-dimensional sound-staging and natural timbre – the Jubilee preamplifier sets the standard in all three disciplines.


... combines the best of two worlds.

Amplifier and precision balancing stages work with tubes. The reverse feedback free power buffer of the output stage puts its trust in semiconductors. The alliance of this hybrid technology answers all sound dreams.


... gets on with all „playmates“.

In- and outputs in single-ended (RCA) as well as balanced (XLR) configuration simplify the integration into existing hi-fi systems. At the extremely low impedance output, which is capable of high current delivery, any power amplifier can be operated – regardless of the interconnect cable’s length.


... trusts in exquisite components.

Due to a quintuple-shielded special transformer, magnetic stray fields do not exist within the external power supply. 100,000 µF load-store electrolytic capacitors provide an unshakeable stability against mains influences within the output stage. Series regulators ensure low noise heating and operating voltages and consequently ideal operating conditions for the tubes.

Octave Jubilee Pre-Amplifier

  • Technical Data

    Fuse (Typ: 5 x 20 mm; europäische Norm) 230 V 0,63 A; 115 V 1 A; 100 V 1,6 A
    Frequency Response 3 Hz ? 500 kHz 1,5 dB
    Total Harmonic Distortion 0,001% an 3 Volt / 7,5 kOhm
    Signal to Noise Ratio 90 dB (Gain High) / 98 dB (Gain Low)
    Maximum Output Level 8 V
    Channel Crosstalk 65 dB 1 kHz
    Crosstalk Input to Input 86 dB 10 kHz
    Crosstalk Tape Play ? Record 98 dB 10 kHz
    Input Impedance 100 kOhm
    Output Impedance 30 Ohm (Cinch); 2 x 30 Ohm XLR
    Channel Parity Volumeadjuster 0,5 dB (?70 dB)
    Connections Inputs : 6 x Cinch, 2 x XLR
    Outputs : 2 x Cinch, 2 x XLR, 2 x Rec
    Features HT Bypass Option, Sym. Input Transformer
    Weight Amplifier 17,2 kg; Power Supply 11,5 kg
    Dimensions Power Supply: 220 mm x 170 mm x 480 mm
    Amplifier: 435 x 170 x 480 mm
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