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 Octave V70 SE Integrated Amplifier 


The V70 SE is a line level integrated amplifier delivering 2 x 70 W peak output power. Belonging to the same family of design as the V40 SE, the V70 SE performs with more power.  Its outstanding features are control and dynamics.


The V70 SE plays Rock-and-Roll like Rock-and-Roll and celebrates Classical music with delicate grace and solid expanse. Listening to music becomes an absolute pleasure. Like the V40 SE, the V70 SE benefits from the experience OCTAVE gained developing its predecessors.


Numerous improvements over the previous V70 model form the new V70 SE.

Embedded in the larger, optimized chassis construction of the V80, the V70 SE now offers higher performance while the sensitive electronic circuits are better shielded against the magnetic stray field of the transformer and the mains. The mains transformer itself is a special low-noise type encapsulated in a magnetic closed box.


The Output Stage consists of two power Tetrodes (Type 6550 C) per each channel. Due to the BIAS Control and Monitoring System, the use of other pin-compatible output tubes is possible to match the amplifier to personal taste, or to benefit from new or improved tubes.


The V70SE, as all OCTAVE Amps, is based on the enhanced pentode configuration. This configuration ensures the absolute stability of the amplifier against the unstable impedance of the speaker. Impedance mismatch is without consequence, as the amplifier is stable down to a 2 Ohm load. An important contribution to this stability is the Single Impedance Output Transformer.
Basic Model V 70 SE Line
Tube Complement 

4 x 6550


Aluminium silver or Aluminium black


Phono Input (MC or MM)

Octave V70 SE Integrated Amplifier

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