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 Ophidian INCANTO Loudspeakers 


INCANTO is the spiritual successor to our award winning P3 Evolution. This mid-sized 3-way design uses many elements of the former speaker in combination with technology from our new flagship VOODOO loudspeaker.Triple 175mm bass drivers coupled to our unique AEROFLEX bass loading technology allow INCANTO to reproduce huge scale and dynamics from a relatively compact cabinet.Key to the smooth tonal balance is a 50mm soft dome midrange driver in a sealed unit capable of reproducing instruments and voice with astonishing accuracy.


The highest frequencies are handled by the same 22mm dome tweeter as featured in our flagship VOODOO loudspeaker ensuring crystal clear output without fatigue for long listening sessions

INCANTO uses the finest crossover components from renowned manufacturer Mundorf including air cored coils and metal oxide resistors for superb resolution.

As with all Ophidian speakers the cabinet is manufactured in the UK to our exacting standards.





• Triple 175mm black anodised aluminium woofers featuring copper shorting rings

• 50mm soft dome midrange driver in self contained unit

• 22mm soft dome Sonomex high frequency unit with wide roll surround and large magnet

• AEROFLEX port system for a precisely controlled bass performance

• Braced and optimised cabinet built in the UK

• High quality Mundorf crossover components

• Detachable magnetic protective grilles


Ophidian INCANTO Loudspeakers

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