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 Origin Live SWIFT MK5 Turntable 

The Swift MK5 is an affordable evolution of the much more expensive high performance Sovereign deck. In fact the relatively low price bears no relation to the stunning performance that this deck is capable of.


Now includes an improved multi-layer platter and higher specification power supply.


The Swift is acclaimed first and foremost because of its musicality. In spite of being lowest in the range, it inherits design features from Origin Live's very high end decks, acclaimed among the best in the world regardless of price. Remarkably, it offers true high end performance, comfortably outperforming more expensive decks even when fitted with inexpensive tonearms and cartridges.


Performance hallmarks are superb transparency, realistic timing, tangible soundstaging and accurate imaging. The Swift's inherent musicality and smooth tonal balance guarantee many years of listening pleasure.


The Swift MK5 turntable follows in the steps of its award-winning predecessors, but with super accurate speed control and significantly increased performance




Every deck in the range shares important features which are outlined lower down on this page. Higher models in the range are differentiated by refinement, increasingly costly materials, components and advanced engineering.


Origin Live record players include advanced technology and innovation. This differentiates them from most decks on the market. for example all their turntables now use an advanced method of speed control usually only found in very high end decks.


High Quality Materials

In the same way great singers have better voices, all materials resonate differently and have a voice in micro-vibration. This factor is often dismissed by theoreticians who prefer to work conceptually and short cut the laborious process of evaluating the sonic signature of different materials.


Origin Live SWIFT MK5 Turntable


  • Motor DC200
    Support Surface
    400 x 290mm
    Overall Dimensions
    (W x D x H)
    9.5" Arm: 490 x 360 x 170mm
    12" Arm: 550 x 360 x 170mm
    Weight 10.3 kg
    Shipping Dimensions
    (W x D x H)
    600 x 450 x 160mm
    Shipping Weight 12 kg
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