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 Perreaux 750 Mono Power Amplifier 



The Perreaux 750 brings music to life. The 750W monoblock audio power amplifier is designed with exceptional componentry and craftmanship, so music lovers can enjoy the very best in powerful, crisp, clear sound. It features power MOSFET transistors for extremely low distortion. The PERREAUX 750 delivers uncompromising power and performance.


Both classy and class-leading the 750 is a 750 Watt mono, hybrid A/AB stereo power amplifier featuring power MOSFET technology, dual speaker binding-posts, two remote trigger inputs and both Balanced (XLR) and Unbalanced (RCA) inputs.


The PERREAUX 750 Monoblock power amplifier provides the ultimate in clean, isolated, fully-balanced power for the discerning audiophile. Rated at a muscular 750 Watts into 8 Ohms this powerful Class A / AB power amplifier exemplifies the crystal-clear, full-bodied, signature sound PERREAUX power MOSFET amplifiers are renowned for.





The 750 features two pairs of high-quality speaker binding posts provided for bi-wiring applications.


Multiple protection systems

The 750 incorporates dedicated protection circuitry, isolated from all signal carrying circuits via opto-couplers providing a range of electronic and speaker safety functionality.



The 750 utilises soft-start circuitry to protect the fuses and/or circuit breakers in your home’s mains power supply when powering on the 750 amplifier.


Toroidal Power Transformer

The 750 incorporates a high performance, custom-designed, toroidal power transformer. The power supply filter capacitors have exceptionally low inductance and internal resistance. An electrostatic shield prevents AC line borne interference from entering the signal path and the wiring from the power supplies to the output boards is designed for unimpeded transmission of the required current and voltage and utilizes heavy-gauge, tinned copper cable. 


Hybrid Class-A/AB

The bi-polar transistors used within the 750 operate in Class A. This avoids crossover notch distortion and the resulting odd-order harmonics often present in other classes of power amplifier. The 750 output stage employs power MOSFET transistors, which with high quiescent current circuitry are run in the equivalent of Class-A to 10 watts. Beyond this output level the 750 operates as a hybrid Class-AB power amplifier. The combination of MOSFET characteristics and their application in this circuitry, results in a high power output with extremely low crossover distortion. 


Built to last

Mechanical strength, reliability and longevity have always been the hallmarks of Perreaux’s amplifier designs. The 750 is a rugged, powerful, high performance Mono power amplifier designed to drive the most challenging of speaker loads with minimal effort. Buy one for life.


I/O options

1 Unbalanced Input (RCA), 1 Balanced Input (XLR), 2 pairs Speaker Binding Posts, 2 Remote Trigger Inputs (5VDC).

Perreaux 750 Mono Power Amplifier

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