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 Perreaux 100p Stereo Power Amplifier 



Reliable and powerful, the 100p provides clean, detailed and accurate power output to tame the most demanding of loudspeakers. The 100 Watt RMS stereo power amplifier features MOSFET output transistors and high-current power supply for a potent and precise sonic signature. Featuring fully balanced (XLR), unbalanced (RCA) inputs and a 12v remote trigger input. The 100p is available in anodised Silver or hand-painted Midnight Black finishes. Rack mounting kit also available separately. The PERREAUX 100p stereo power amplifier brings music to life - order yours today.


The sleek, stylish and sophisticated, PERREAUX 100p, stereo power amplifier delivers controlled, powerful, low-distortion, harmonically-rich, precision, pure audio power output to your loudspeaker system. Perfect for home or studio use.



Partner with

The 100p stereo power amplifier is the perfect partner for the PERREAUX DP32 USB DAC preamplifier. Whether as part of a complete PERREAUX system, or as the power amplifier in your existing system – the 100p will bring your speakers to life, providing an authentic, clean, clear, precise and powerful signal. 


Custom wound transformer and filtered power supply

The 100 Watt custom wound transformer and high-current filtered power supply allows dynamic audio signals to sound natural, spacious and free from compression. The 100p’s filtered power supplies isolate the input and voltage stages - relegating system noise and promoting signal integrity. Low distortion provides transparent, detailed and accurate sound reproduction, a hallmark of PERREAUX’s legacy power amplifier designs.


Remote trigger input

The PERREAUX 100p can be remotely switched in and out of standby using a 12V remote trigger input located on the units rear panel. This function allows preamplifiers such as the PERREAUX SM6MkII and PERREAUX DP32 to wake the 100p from standby mode when they are powered on. 


Protection circuitry

High power MOSFET power transistors provide the warm, musical, sonic characteristics often attributed to valve amplifiers, teamed with the reliability, durability and consistency of solid state amplifier designs. Sophisticated protection circuitry incorporated into the 100p additionally provides electronic safety features ensuring protection of both amplifier and speakers.



The PERREAUX 100p can be fitted (or *retrofitted) with the optional PERREAUX Rack Mounting Kit, allowing the 100p to be securely installed into standard 19" rack cabinets and enclosures. *available to order through your nearest PERREAUX dealer.


Hybrid Class A/AB

The bi-polar transistors used within the 100p operate in Class A. This avoids crossover notch distortion and the resulting odd-order harmonics often present in other classes of power amplifier. The 100p output stage employs power MOSFET transistors, which with high quiescent current circuitry are run in the equivalent of Class A to 10 watts. Beyond this output level the 100p operates as a hybrid Class AB power amplifier. The combination of MOSFET characteristics and their application in this circuitry, results in a high power output with extremely low crossover distortion. 


Built to last

Mechanical strength, reliability and longevity have always been the hallmarks of PERREAUX’s amplifier designs. The PERREAUX 100p stereo power amplifier continues that tradition. Buy one for life.


Perreaux 100p Stereo Power Amplifier

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