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 Perreaux SM6 MkII Stereo Pre-amplifier 




The PERREAUX SM6 Mkll Stereo Preamplifier is a fully-balanced, discrete, solid-state, Class A, preamplifier with an impressive six separate, fully regulated power supplies. Precision engineered and hand-crafted, the SM6 MkII utilises the finest audio components to provide the music lover with exceptional, all-Analog sonic reproduction.


Featuring six pairs of Unbalanced (RCA) line level Inputs, Home Theatre bypass, two pairs of Unbalanced (RCA) line level Outputs, a Balanced (XLR) audio Input pair, one Balanced (XLR) audio Output pair, two pairs of Unbalanced (RCA) Preamp Outputs and a pair of Remote Trigger Outputs the SM6 MkII is fully complemented to accomodate a host of Analog audio sources.


A perfect match for the PERREAUX 350 and 750 power amplifiers, the SM6 MkII is available in either Black or Silver anodised finish or custom painted in any colour of your hearts desire. 


Elegant and discrete - the SM6 MkII sets the standard for the audio purist. This fully-balanced, all-Analog, Stereo Preamplifier delivers crystal-clean, Class A, high fidelity audio. 




Fully Balanced 

The SM6 MkII is a fully Balanced Stereo Preamplifier, from Input through to Output. The positive and negative halves of the audio signal are independently isolated and retain the highest level of signal integrity end-to-end. 


Four discrete Class-A line stages 

The four Class-A line stages have been designed to provide output buffering, so the user can drive low impedance loads over long cable lengths, without affecting the quality or integrity of the audio signal.


Precision volume control

The SM6 MkII uses two digitally controlled resistor ladder volume controls, allowing clean, precise control, eliminating contact corrosion and wiper noise, and preventing analog component drift.


Six separate regulated power supplies

The SM6 MKII features six separate and fully isolated power supplies for complete electrical isolation from input through to output stage, providing the SM6 MkII with its impressive low-noise, high-accuracy sonic credentials.


Full function IR remote control

The SM6 MKII is supplied with a full function IR remote control. This feature allows the user to switch the unit in and out of standby or select the desired audio input source, adjust volume, audio balance, display function or mute the audio output. It also provides six direct source keys for one-touch selection of audio inputs.


Home Theatre Bypass

The SM6 MkII features a direct Home Theatre (HT) Bypass input (processor loop), which bypasses the preamplifier for use in a Home Theatre system.


Dual preamp level outputs

The SM6 MkII provides dual Preamp Outputs. This means an RCA style splitter is not necessary if the user intends to drive two separate audio power amplifiers simultaneously (for example in a bi-amp situation), or to include a subwoofer in a system.


Remote Trigger Outputs

Dual 5V Remote Trigger Outputs are provided to allow connected components to be powered ON or OFF as the SM6 MkII is taken in and out of standby.


User Controls

Infrared (IR) Remote control, Alphanumeric Digital Display, Simple User Interface, Remote Trigger Outputs, Balanced / Unbalanced selector.


Built To Last

Mechanical strength, reliability and longevity have always been the hallmarks of PERREAUX’s designs. The SM6 MkII is a rugged, powerful, high performance pre amplifier. Buy one for life.


I/O options

6 pairs Unbalanced Inputs (RCA), 1 pair Balanced Inputs (XLR), 1 pair Balanced Outputs (XLR), 2 pairs Unbalanced Line Outputs (RCA), 2 pairs Unbalanced Preamp Outputs (RCA), 2 Remote Trigger Outputs

Perreaux SM6 MkII Stereo Pre-amplifier

  • Rated Output
    Unbalanced: 1.5Vrms
    Balanced: ±1.5Vrms

    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N)
    Typically:                 0.001% @ 1kHz
    20Hz to 20kHz:    <0.004%

    Frequency Response
    20Hz to 20kHz:  ±0.15dB

    Signal to Noise Ratio:  95dB, referenced to rated output

    Dynamic Range:  110dB

    Input Impedance
    Unbalanced:  10kΩ
    Balanced:  20kΩ


    Input Sensitivity
    Unbalanced:  215mV
    Balanced:  215mV

    Phase Accuracy:  ±0.5º, 20Hz-20kHz

    Width:  430mm (16.9")
    Height:  106mm (4.2")
    Depth:  323mm (12.7")
    Weight:  7.7kg (17.0lb)


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