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 Puritan PSM136 Studio Master Mains Purifier


 The PSM136 with its precision symmetrically balanced circuitry is Puritan's ultimate Purifier with 6 fully independent outputs and 39 finely tuned filter elements it will lift your system into a new dimension.  Definition takes an enormous stride forward, individual instruments gain air between them with their sound and timbre becoming believable, the sound-stage will move out of your speakers and into the room with gains in three dimensionality with clarity definition and space between the instruments for them to interrelate rather than muddle each other. Your listening will become a far more engaging and pleasurable experience.

Puritan PSM136 Studio Master Mains Purifier

    • Rebalances the AC sine wave, removing all DC components, this enables transformers to work efficiently and quietly, realising their full dynamics and power range

    • Multiple, cumulative, sympathetically tuned stages of purification (39 independent elements) substantially remove all interference types

    • Six enhanced 15 Amp outlets each with independent re-filter stages for both common and differential mode disturbances avoid cross contamination between connected equipment

    • Equal resistance, maximum power routing to all outputs realises full dynamic performance

    • Cleansed earth removes noise from the earth line further enhancing clarity and dynamics

    • Star earthing plan eliminates ground loop hum, reduces the noise floor, improves definition

    • Massive 30,000 amps of three dimensional surge protection

    • Internal wiring silver plated OFC copper PTFE insulation

    • Rated Voltage 220-240 (Other voltages available)

    • IEC type C20 Input

    • Electrically and magnetically shielded casing

    • Dimensions in mm: W 430, D 230, H 110

    • Available with all common output sockets – UK – Schuko – France – Belgium – Switzerland – USA – Canada etc.

    • Available with standard shelf mounting or 2U Rackmount Facias.

    • Manufactured in the U.K.

    • 5 Years Guarantee

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