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 Quadraspire Q4 EVO HiFi Rack (590x395mm) 


                    ***TO ORDER***                     


1: Choose your required number of shelves (after the base unit shelf)

NB: max height shouldn't exceed 1350mm


2: Choose your required base unit footings

(spikes / flat feet / QC floor protectors / Castors or QX7 floor protectors)


3: Choose Bronze Upgrade (for top shelf) if required


4: Type in your choice of Bamboo shelves colour and column colour for your shelves


5: Type in your choice of column heights for each of your shelves—except base.

(in this format: 1 x 100mm / 3 x 140mm / 1 x 216mm, etc please)


  ***OR CALL 0800 464 7274 FOR HELP & ADVICE*** 



The Q4 EVO shelves are specially engineered to reduce mass and resonance to give your music a clearer, cleaner musical performance.


Q4 Shelves are strong and can hold 80kg per shelf.


Shelves are made from solid bamboo which is available in natural or coloured. choice of 4 finishes, cherry, black, dark and natural, for all of the Q4 or SVT ranges.

NB: Bamboo is unique in its beauty and is therefore subject to variation in grain and colour. Whilst every effort is made to ensure consistency in the representation of the bamboo finishes in the photographs, please be aware that there may be variations between these and the actual product.


Q4 and SVT use the 32mm diameter curved SV columns. sizes are:

• 100mm

• 140mm

• 180mm

• 216mm

• 256mm

• 326mm



How and why Quadraspire furniture makes your hifi sound even better

What you place your hifi on will affect its performance. Placing your hifi on a Quadraspire rack will help reduce resonance, lower the noise floor and open the soundstage to make your hifi sound even better.


Solid Bamboo Ply

Our shelves are made from solid bamboo ply that is strong, suppresses vibration and is carbon neutral.


Solid Aluminium Columns

The columns and feet in our racks are made from solid aluminium not tubular, to dissipate energy quickly.


No Parallel Lines

our designs try to avoid parallel lines in the same way as most musical instruments to reduce resonance.



Like musical instruments, our designs use bronze and brass to open up the soundstage.



Our open rack design and the SVT slotted shelves in particular help dissipate heat from your hifi system.


Light and Strong Designs

The racks  are light and strong to reduce resonance and lower the the noise floor whilst opening the soundstage.



Flexible designs to hold a variety of different sized systems. Can also be easily reconfigured and added to.


Factory Designed and Made

All Quadraspire products are designed and made by our own team in Great Britain.




Quadraspire Q4 EVO HiFi Rack

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