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 Raidho TD1.2 Standmount Loudspeakers


We are very proud to introduce the new TD1.2 to the world. This model carries on the legacy of the well-acclaimed C1.2 and D1.1. The TD 1.2 takes sound reproduction to a whole new level, that utilizes the fantastic looks from the D-series, but everything inside the enclosure has been changed, using brand new innovative designs and technology.


After months of hard work, we are extremely happy to present our new, in-house developed, mid/woofer-driver, with a new and very unique design of both the magnet system but also the rest of the unit. The chassis is designed to have a minimum of influence on the airflow and seek to eliminate reflections occurring inside the enclosure. The new design results in a record-low distortion that is audible immediately after pushing play.


The TD1.2 uses our new 5-layer tantalum/diamond-cone with increased level of inner damping in combination with our new, proprietary edge-wound titanium voice-coil with drastically improved magnetic field and increased power handling. Combined with the unique driver-design, this is the strongest underhung motor-design on the market (1.1 Tesla/Patent Pending). The result – a drastic increase in dynamic performance.


The TD1.2 also incorporates our redesigned ribbon tweeter, used in our TD4.8 and TD4.2, utilizing a more powerful magnet system and optimized acoustic shape of the rear chamber, resulting in a much higher resolution and a distortion level that has been reduced with 35 dB compared to the already extremely low levels in our old ribbon tweeter.


The crossover has been completely redesigned with maximum focus on correct phase-response at all frequencies, while maintaining the optimal impulse-response. The new driver-design and the optimized crossover also leaves room for smaller amplifiers since the sensitivity is heavily improved. The TD1.2 is now an easy load for most amplifiers.


The TD1.2 will deliver a extremely dynamic, natural, and extremely musical performance, while at the same time moving the limits for power handling in a small speaker. The TD1.2 sets a new reference point for speakers—giving a true-to-life dynamic sound with an almost limitless soundstage, allowing the speakers to disappear—leaving you with glorious music!




All Raidho speakers are hand-crafted offer certain customisations

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Raidho TD1.2 Loudspeakers

  • Size (WxHxD):   200 x 360 x 410 mm
    Weight:   15 Kg
    Freq. reponse   45 Hz – 50 KHz
    Impedance:   8 ohm
    Sensitivity:   87 dB 2.828 V/m

    2.5 kHz; Stepped slope,

    phase and impulse linear

    Enclosure:   Ported
    Drive units:  

    1 x TD Ribbon tweeter
    1 x 115 mm Tantalum-Diamond

    mid-bass driver 


    Black piano; Walnut burl veneer;

    Custom/All possible paint colors


    >20 W 

    (Though we have seen

    excellent results with small tube amplifiers)

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